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Topic: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

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    the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    This is a piano version of a horn quartet that I posted a few months ago. It is quite short and fairly simple. I just wanted to see how it would sound on jabb piano. Please listen and comment.

    UPDATE october 6: I have changed the room size and adjusted the EQ on this piece, based on suggestions from listeners. I think that the sound is better now.


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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)


    I love the JABB-Piano and your piece sounds very well! I like it!

    One suggestion: Perhaps you use an equalizer and add a little bit arround 500 Hz... .

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    Hi, Jay

    Yes, this makes the translation to solo piano really well. It's such a nice piece. I wouldn't mind hearing the middle development section come around again, maybe after a modulation.

    Gunther is suggesting an EQ change perhaps because it's sounding a bit thin? What it seemed to me is that the higher frequencies have been boosted, because it was sounding a bit metallic up in there. Could be that both of our responses are trying to pinpoint the same artifacts we're hearing. Did you do something maybe a bit extreme with EQ?

    But back to the music, I really enjoy it. And with most things I enjoy, I feel a bit cheated that it doesn't go on longer.

    Thanks for the music!

    Randy B.

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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    It sounded fine to me.

    Both the GPO and JABB pianos spike quickly when you increase velocity because of sample limitation so maybe that is what is being heard. They work best used with their libraries because they blend well and don't overpower the other instruments.

    The Garritan Steinway will blow them out of the water for solo work.


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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    I love the Jabb piano. I think I remember this as the horn piece and must say that it translate well into a solo piano. I agree with the others though that it would be better if a tad longer.

    Well Done


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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    Very nice melodic and harmonic ideas. I wish the B section were a bit longer. I liked the harmonies in the B section--sounded French to me. Could imagine it played on accordian

    Thanks for posting!


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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    Indeed, a nice piece that really NEEDS the Steinway. Well done, my fellow GPOer.


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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    Gunther, I like the jabb piano also. I will look into better eq on this. Thanks for commenting.

    Hey Randy, I am glad you enjoyed this. I might have gotten a little carried away with the eq. I plan to check it out.

    Phil, thank you. I need to add a little caution when I am rendering piano.

    Thank you Ron. It sure has a different feel when instrumention is changed. I think I like the piano better the the horn version. I also plan to looking into this piece to see if I can expand on it.

    Dan, the 'B' section was to be quite a contrast to the 'A' section of the tune. If I expand on this piece, I plan to develop the 'B' section more. I appreciate you likeing my piece.


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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    Thank you raymond. I appreciate your listening to my stuff.

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    Re: the sparrow and the crow (classical piano)

    This made the transition to a piano piece beautifully, Jay.
    Well done.

    Something with the sound on this (as others have said)...
    not quite sure if it's EQ or possibly a reverb artifact?

    My best,


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