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Topic: Troubles in stringtown

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    Troubles in stringtown

    Hi there... I was very impressed with the demonstration videos I've seen for the Gofriller Cello and Stradivari violin programs.

    I bought the Cello first and had no problems loading it or the Kontact program and getting Cubase to recognize them... Unfortunately my busy schedule prevented me from getting a chance to really use it for a while... When I did get some time I noticed that my volume pedal is not morphing through the different playing levels, it's just raising and lowering the overall volume of the track in Cubase. The performance velocity of the cello stays the same no matter where my volume pedal is... also the foot switch is not working for changing the bow stroke, but is sustaining the note like most synth programs. Do I need to make an adjustment in Cubase?

    Secondly I bought the Stradivari later, just got it yesterday, loaded it and cannot get the Kontact program to even recognize it ... it only shows the Gofriller cello... I cannot figure out how to get the Kontact program to recognize it... the only thing I did wrong in the installation (As far as I can tell) is that I didn't initially load the stand alone program, I just loaded the VST and library.. I checked the manual and caught this and have loaded the standalone, but the Kontact program still will not recognize it... The Strad is in the same folder as the Gofriller (But in a seperate folder within that folder, I should say)

    I am very excited to start using this program. I'm sure it will quickly become my favorite once I get past these bugs..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


    (Edit) OK, I got that "software fix" and now Kontact recognizes the violin, but for some reason I can't get it to budge from "Spiccato attack" no matter what key I play in that lower octave... also in the higher octaves where it should just be note info if I look at the Kontact program while I'm playing I see it jumping around from mono to poly to normal with each note played. I thought these changes were in the lowest octave only?

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    Re: Troubles in stringtown

    Sounds like your volume pedal sends CC#7 data. You need to map it to CC#11 (Expression) to properly x-fade through the velocity layers.
    It would also be a good idea to read the manual

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