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Topic: Problem with KP2 and Sibelius 5

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    Problem with KP2 and Sibelius 5


    I'm thinking of buying Sibelius 5 and I tried out the demo.

    Anyway, I got this problem with GPO KP2. I activated the player from the Sibelius 5 settings and added it to my track. Then I tried entering a note, but Sibelius gave me a warning while trying to enter it, here it is:


    Can anyone tell me how to fix this? My GPO KP2 works in all the other apps I'm using it in. And after pressing ok, it sometimes plays the sound and enters the note. It just gives this error on every note.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Problem with KP2 and Sibelius 5

    When you activate Kontaktplayer2, you have to select the soundset.

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    Re: Problem with KP2 and Sibelius 5

    Thank you, this worked!

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