I know this isn't the proper venue for mix eval questions, but the people in this group are top notch and I'd rather get advice from people who's ears are more critical.
This song is a cross between alternative country and hard rock. I tried to use unconventional instruments in it. The 2 lead instruments are pedal steel guitar and trumpet. It has an acoustic guitar,capo'd electric guitar, and tremolo distorted guitar. So keep in mind, I am not trying to fit into any conventional sounding mold.
I posted this song in some other forums and a few of the recommendations I got were to take take the lead vocal down a few dB...which I did. I also heard that the trumpet and lead vocal were to dry and roomy sounding. I have the $99 Auralex purple foam kit up, but the trumpet is such a loud instrument that it really didn't help the room sound. So I added a bit of short reverb to the trumpet.
I used virtual drums for the song. I'm wondering if the snare is too in your face.
The bass guitar seems to be a problem to my ears. It has a crappy mid-range tone that I have tried to completely block out in Ozone's multiband compression......but I need to know if I am in the ballpark with the bass or if it needs more corrective EQ. I tried to notch the prominent kick drum frequency out of the bass guitar track to make them mesh better but I don't know if it worked.
I also would like to know if the stereo field is fairly balanced. I tried to have an equal counterpart for each item I would pan left or right.
One last question. I mixed the song starting with all the mono instruments and then slowly mixed in the stereo stuff later. I also mixed all the tracks so that their peaks didn't go above -6dB. I then normalized it and put 5.5 gain reduction on the Waves L2. Is this about as lous as I can expect to get the song without crushing my dynamic range. And would having it mastered be out of the question in it's current form?
Thanks for any and all feedback. Positive or negative.