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Topic: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    Wonder how long it would take to load up 14 gigs of samples in my Mac Pro? That would be interesting>
    Guess when she ships it'll be worth checking out.

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    Cool... 64-bit... lots of ram...

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    The ability to host VSTi is interesting. I'm also curious what the "hundreds of enhancements" are...

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    Apparently Kontakt and Giga aren't on the minds of Windows users--the new releases barely made the radar here on Northern Sounds. With reason: Seems as though the push is towards selling a Mac version and just forgetting Windows users.

    Other than the support for Macs, the recent releases--Kontakt 4, Giga 4, and GVI 4--offer little. Hate to say it, but unless there are features that haven't been revealed, what should have been free downloads are being marketed as major revisions. Kontakt is still cumbersome. Giga and GVI don't seem to offer anything but Mac versions and quad support. Apparently GVI still won't let you create instruments--you must buy Giga and then load the instruments you create into GVI. For me, VSampler is still by far the strongest program, though it lacks convolution.

    A very cynical move. Understandable, but really disappointing. Means they're just looking for new customers--the Mac market--instead of developing their programs. Very bad in not just the self-evident ways. The many Windows users who don't buy the "upgrades" will have to pay a premium if and when the programs are revised, since the upgrade will be two steps up instead of one.

    Do these releases open the door for more creative companies?

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    128GB RAM support isn't innovative? VSTi hosting in a sampler isn't innovative? Who else is doing it? Seems like a big deal to me. They get my upgrade $$.

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    Porting code that's been on Windows for years & years over to Mac is not a trivial task. They had to keep the Windows side of GVI stationary for a bit to have a spec to code to for Mac.

    - G

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    Question Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    This came just in time because I was about to go from GS3 ensemble to Orchestra. Just a couple of questions to the Beta guys if any, Is Gigapulse (GS4 says it is "embedded") the same in GS4 as GS3 Orchestra? (ensemble will only open Gigapulse if the instrument is already embedded and I want the full working version), and will GS3 "performances" open in GS4 or is it a complete rebuild?.

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    This is Tascam taking back it's crown from the rest of the ( yawn,yawn ) competition. I knew when I got GVI that future developements would be quite drastic. GS4 as a host is perfect for me. I use hardware sequencers and multitracks w/ 2" tape still, so VST hosts like C4 are O.K. for small projects, but I want GS4 to be a host. My Scope DSP cards and GS have worked great together for years now. I hate changing my live / studio rig.

    I bought K2 to be able to have extra content, but I shall stop wasting money on K2 based VSTi's now.

    Tascam was going after the Mac guys that been using Pro Tools for years, and need nothing new for recording, but rather sampler based. I am happy for them, and happy for me.

    I make most of my income from live performance, and Gugastudio has always played nice with my Scope DAW. Only when I added VST apps to my rig that I started getting nervous about stability. Now I can dump Cubase 4 and Bidule, Bidule was quite stable though. And K2 can also be set aside, as the content I bought will run in GS4 w/o having that clumsy app on my HDD's anymore.

    Hat's Off To The Guys At Tascam.

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    Re: Preview of GS4 and GVI 4

    I don't have any antagonism towards Tascam. I just don't understand the logic of wanting a VSTI to host other VSTI's: GVI is basically Giga's Quick Edit as a standalone. With GVI, you could load instruments without loading Giga, but you can't create multisamples\instruments. Loading GVI into Giga means that you're just loading the instrument that developers could have created for Giga in the first place. Why add the extra layer of GVI?

    If the ideal is to instead load other VSTI's, I still don't understand. Is the expectation that the CPU and RAM hit will be less than if you loaded the other VSTI's into your sequencer (Cubase, etc) separately? Loading them at the kernal level will mean more efficient\faster response?

    If so, I must admit that I'm a little worried about the way in which this improvement is combined with the ability to accept more samples loaded into RAM--isn't the goal just to handle bigger sample libraries? Instead, I really want more exploration of ways to create good sounds without increasing the size of libraries--isn't that what GVI3 and Giga3 were supposed to do with their ability to use 3 velocity layers to create a full range of timbres?

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