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Topic: OT: Hybrid-Orchestration for soundtracks.

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    OT: Hybrid-Orchestration for soundtracks.


    It would be nice to hear your thoughts on this topic.

    Well.... lately, I have been noticing that quite a few of the new soundtrack composers are getting a bit more creative in their orchestration, where more synthetic sounds, and textures, are being used, either exclusively, or mixed along with orchestral sounds.

    This trend was quite popular during the late 70's, and into the 80's, but then, for some reason, things seemed to change, and more of a pure orchestral trend was taking over during the 90's and early 2000's. I feel that we are heading back once again, to using hybrid-orchestrations !

    This IMHO, is a healthy new trend, that is taking place in the movie scoring field. Synthetic sounds IMHO can add quite a bit of character, flexibility, and create a new listening experience that can be very rewarding, and enjoyable, whether synthetic sounds are used exclusively for a soundtrack, or blended with orchestral sounds.

    For a while, I felt that soundtracks were a bit too focused on using a pure orchestral palette, (as if there was some kind of a synth-taboo) but I think that this is beginning to change, and I'm glad to hear composers, beginning to merge the synthetic, with the orchestral world, in more creative ways, creating new, and exciting sonic textures, to express emotions in film, quite a refreshing change, one reason for the change could be, that directors are becoming more flexible, and open minded about this, and are realizing that there many benefits in giving composers the freedom to mix the synthetic and orchestral worlds to achieve powerful, and emotional sonic cues.

    I think each soundtrack has its unique artistic requirements, depending on the film it needs to work with, sometimes, a pure orchestral soundtrack is the optimal way to go, but sometimes it is not, hence, I'm very happy to see more flexibility and freedom, given to soundtrack composers by directors, so that they can create stronger, and even more exciting musical ideas for a movie/visual media.

    These are very exciting times for film composers !

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    Re: OT: Hybrid-Orchestration for soundtracks.

    oops, I guess I double posted for some reason, maybe a moderator can delete one of them.


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