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Topic: Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

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    Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

    I'm primarily after one which has as low latency as possible since I mainly use Ivory. I current own a M Audio Delta 2496 with a dual core 3ghz PC. At the moment I can get (96 sample rate) at 0 ms but it has some audio crunches. 1 ms is fine if I don't play too many notes. I know its quite low at the moment, but I want to know if there's a sound card which can get even literally 0 ms latency, while being able to provide many piano notes played at the same time and without the audible crunches.

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    Re: Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

    Already 1,5 to 2ms should be really enough. See why:

    Some physics to sound from wikipedia:
    the speed of sound is approximately 769.5 mph (1,238.3 km/h) at 68 °F (20 °C).

    1,238.3 km/h = 343m/s

    distance d = 0,002s*343m/s = 0,686m = 68,6cm = 27"

    If you sit in front of a real grand piano. Your ears have about 50cm distance to the strings. So at least if you use headphones that's enough.

    You need an PCI-System with a built in DSP-Unit to get the max of performance. Look here e.g. RME: http://www.rme-audio.de/en_index.php.

    Look especially here, the ADI-8 QS : http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_adi_8_qs.php
    In the QS RME uses a high-class AD converter from Cirrus Logic, offering exceptional Signal to Noise and distortion figures. But the biggest difference to all other ADCs out there is its innovative digital filter, achieving for the first time a delay of only 12 samples in Single Speed (0.25 ms), 9 samples in Double Speed (0.09 ms), and 5 (!) samples in Quad Speed (0.026 ms).

    These values are less than a quarter of those available from even much more expensive devices. They represent an important step in further reducing the latency in the computer-based recording studio. At DS and QS the added latency can simply be ignored. The DA-converter offers similar conversion in the range of 5 to 10 samples, turning analog digital monitoring into real analog-style monitoring!

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    Re: Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

    Isn't it because the lack of processor speed?
    I get it sometimes, and when I reduce the number of layers, the problem is solved...

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    Re: Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

    umm...5.8 ms is perfectly fine. 0 ms is impossible but isn't needed anyways. I can play with up to 10ms without too much problems. I believe mine performs best at 2.9ms.


    MOTU 24 i/o

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    Re: Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

    I don't know if I'm crazy or my DAW has additional delays, but I feel the difference between 0,6 and 1,2 ms... strange!

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    Re: Ivory - which sound card to go with it?

    what do you mean by audio crunches. SOunds like you may be having a sync problem. I just got the m audio profire for $340.00 from sweetwater. It is very versatale, has a sync input built in. Adat outs, analog outs and spdif outs. are you using two computers or one. If your only using one it sounds like you dont have enough processing power. In that case you need a new processor not a sound card

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