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Topic: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

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    Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    All four movements have been completed and posted at:


    Any comments welcome! Particularly, do you still feel that it needs to be longer, now that the full 7 minutes is there? Is it just the first movement that needs to be extended? I do have an idea for doing just that.

    Home Studio users: My copy is starting to be a real pain. Whenever I record a second or subsequent take (on a new track or an existing track), Home Studio is shifting it forward in time by about half a second. I have to remember to manually drag it over to match the other tracks or takes each time. Has anyone else had that problem! It's making me maaaadddddd! It didn't do this when I first got it.

    Hope you enjoy!


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    Thumbs up Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    Beautiful music and beautiful mix, Owen. I love the pinao solos in the middle of 2 and close to the end of four, they are outstanding, love the flute too, but i think the solos and your placement of them are well done and offer an important change in the compostition. The only criticism i could think of is the flow from mvt 1 to mvt 2 didn't seem to be as good as the others. I think it because the begining of both are so similar. Maybe connecting those two on one continuous file to listen to the transition could help to see, or maybe doing that would prove me wrong. Nice work here, Bravo!


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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    beautiful. I am curious as to why such short movements though. It just seems to me that you could join at least 1 and 2 together. But it really doesn't matter.
    Well Done.

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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    I loved this at the first stages of production, and I love it more in it's performance stage of production. Awesome work. I love movement 4 the best!!!. Absolutely mystic piano work. Very blue-icy-watery. I get a cave-like appeal here. I close my eyes. And picture a cave with blue water droplets falling slowly into the icy water below. Yes, that's what I saw.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    I find all very beautiful. I don't think there's any problem with the first one being short. It may even be an advantage since you have 4 and it works as a kind of introduction. The 4th part is the best and so it should be being the last.


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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    Thank you everyone for listening and for such kind words.

    Tubajedimr: Hmm, I knew there had to be water in there somewhere! I didn't realise it was in a cave though. Makes sense. Thanks for the vivid description!

    Yudit (sunbird): That was my thinking as well about the first movement. Maybe I should just leave it alone and not mess with it. Interesting that you and others liked #4 the best. That was the movement that I was least happy with - maybe just because it gave me a lot of headaches! The other movements came much easier.

    Everyone, thanks for your support.

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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    Hi, Owen

    I intended to reply yesterday that I really appreciate you posting the completed movements. I really enjoyed the original "Smoochflutes" and now to have all four movements working together under the much more dignified title - is wonderful.

    Sounds simply great to me!

    As for your technical problem with new tracks shifting - Are you sure it doesn't have to do with having the Grid on in Track View? I've noticed that sometimes when I click on a track, I've accidentally included enough of a horizontal movement so the program thinks I'm trying to lock the track to the Grid and it will shift over that tiny amount.

    I know you said that the tracks seem to be already shifted directly after you record - but I thought perhaps you have been selecting the tracks and not noticing this shift I've described?

    Feel free to use the email listed under my name if you want to talk more about this technical problem (I use Home Studio) - rather than veering your thread OT.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    Hi Owen,

    I really enjoyed “Songs of a Distant Heart”. I’m pretty sure I heard at least one of these before. At the time it seemed too short, but I think as a four movement piece the shorter first and third movements work well to introduce the second and fourth. All of them work really well together and in the order you have presented them.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    I've followed this with interest as you know, Owen;
    and took great pleasure in listening through all four
    movements today.

    This is a very beautiful suite, my friend -- both in
    the listening of it (of course) and also in the building
    of it... a clear voice, consistent style, and balance
    both within and across the movements.

    Bravo -- but I say that softly, unwilling to disrupt
    the resonances of this lovely work still echoing in
    my mind...

    With admiration,


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    Re: Songs of a Distant Heart (fka Smoochflute) completed

    Very beautiful! I feel like picking up my flute and start playing.


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