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Topic: Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things

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    Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things


    I'm new here and I don't know exactly whether this is already been asked, but I've got a problem with the Jazz Drum Kit 3 in Jazz and Big Band.

    Here is a link to an mp3 generated with Garritan Jazz and BB: http://users.skynet.be/bemboomd/cedric/test.mp3

    You here at 00'05" that the crash symbal isn't sustaining. It is just heard a few milliseconds, and then it's gone. What's my problem?

    And then, when I load 10 sounds or more, I get an error that I'm running out of memory. Is this bad?

    PS: The sounds are also unstable (more specific: the rythms), as you hear in the mp3. What could be the reason?

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    Re: Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things

    What kind of system are you using including CPU and RAM amounts? Are you recording with a sequencer or using a notation program?


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    Re: Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things

    I'm using an Intel Core 2, 1.87GHz, 1022 Mb RAM, 32-bit.
    I use Sibelius 4 to make music...

    When I push the note from the crash symbal on the piano keyboard in Garritan and directly afterwards I push a note from another symbal, the sound of the crash cymbal just cuts off and doesn't sustain...

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    Re: Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things

    What I heard when I listened sounded like the open hi-hat sound, which does cut off when another hi-hat sound plays. Are you sure it wasn't one of the hi-hat sounds? The hi-hat has 5 sounds, two closed, the half open and fully open, then the "hi-hat crash", which is on a B. The first crash cymbal is on the next c# up. I would check that first.


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    Re: Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things

    By the way, the note names are the mapping in JABB, in Sibelius you want to check first that the crash cymbal is on a crash cymbal line (usually the first ledger line above the staff), and second that the sound in the Edit staff types dialogue is set to the correct note in JABB. I am using Sibelius 5 now, which has a different system for that, so I forget exactly how it works is Sib 4, but it is something like that.


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    Re: Problem Drum Kit 3 and other things

    Thank you very much!
    This worked for me...

    And what about the unstableness of the rythm?
    Do you have an explanation for that?

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