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Topic: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

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    'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Hi All,

    My new piece for cello (Gofriller), strings (GPO), guitar and drums (East West Ra). In some ways it's simplistic (i.e. repeated harmony, looped percussion) but I was trying to give it a kind of 'modern', easy-to-listen-to feel.


    Enjoy (hopefully)!

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Sometimes simple is the best way to go. For me, this worked really well. I could imagine this as background music to a non-audio TV sequence - where the images tell a sad story.

    I liked the strings sound - which particular GPO strings did you use?

    An enjoyable listen - thanks.

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Hi, Keith

    Nice! A very effective mood piece featuring an admirably sensitive Cello lead.

    I certainly don't feel you need to be at all apologetic for its simplicity.

    I suppose I could have hoped for a less predictable and standard chord progression, but you couched the progression really well with the low level percussion and intimate guitar, and of course with the magical Gofriller in the spotlight.


    Randy B.

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    I could never learn to play the grofriller solo cello, or the strad the way some ofyou guys do. This is beautiful. I agree, very backgroundy. I see like someone getting shot in slow motion or something, with like the percussion being like the heart beat, and people are screaming (silently), while the music in the foreground, yet the background, is just beaming the sadness into our hearts.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello


    The strings were 'Full Strings Sus+Short Muted'.

    Thanks for listening folks!

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Very effective use of the cello. I could picture it as closing credits for a movie with a bitter-sweet ending.

    --gary shannon
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Hi Nice piece, thanks for sharing

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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello


    I love the haunting, contemplative quality here that draws the mind into deeper reflections. In this kind of music, simple can be the most stunning and memorable. Nice subtlety and expression of feeling on the cello.


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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Repetitional simplicity can be very effective, as is in your music. It gets you into the mood in which it was written and holds you there for the time it lasts and even afterwards. Well done!


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    Re: 'Loss' for Gofriller Cello

    Great piece!! Now and then Villa-Lobos came along with his Bachianus nr. 5. But you made a really great piece yourself.


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