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Topic: New x-custom equivalent?

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    New x-custom equivalent?

    Hello All
    I expect my issue has been thoroughly addressed, but several hours of searching the forums has only led me to slight hints. Please just point me in the right direction if this has been covered.

    I recently upgraded to KP2. Where are the x-custom instruments?
    I'm one of the GPO users who was never satisfied with controlling dynamics with the mod wheel, and who was able to use GPO much more effectively once the x-custom instruments were added, and could be set up to control dynamics with v elocity. The x-custom instruments seem to be gone? So, is there a new, and hopefully better way of setting up GPO in KP2 to control dynamics with velocity?
    Thanks much, Robert

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    Re: New x-custom equivalent?

    Hi Robert,

    this is very easy to do: Just open the editpage in Kontakt, click with the right mouseknob to the volumeknob, and there select velocitiy, Thats all... .

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    Re: New x-custom equivalent?

    Is this a newer/older or just different version of kontakt 2 player? cos I cant get anything like this with mine. (just curious!)

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    Re: New x-custom equivalent?


    I am sorry. This is the Kontakt 2 Sampler, not the player.... . Excuse me please. I think int the player you can`t change it... . Perhaps one can change it in a Kontakt Sampler, store the edited instrument and then load into the player.... .

    I have tested, and, that works.
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: New x-custom equivalent?


    It's Kontakt Player 2 I'm using, and I can confirm that the suggested method does not seem to work. In each instance, one is given the control knobs that are active for the given sound - so there is no volume knob to right click on. I don't find anything that allows one to add new controls, or alter the routing of existing controls. The volume is controlled by the modulation knob, so I tried right-clicking (and control-clicking, option-clicking, etc.) on the modulation knob, but no result.

    I don't have the Kontakt sampler, or any other need for it, so that doesn't help…

    Is there not any other way of dealing with this issue?
    I rather expected that the lack of x-custom instruments meant that the issue had been dealt with in another way?

    Thanks much, Robert

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    Re: New x-custom equivalent?

    This is why I still use the old GPO version.

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