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Topic: A walz for orchester

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    A walz for orchester (Now with new version!)

    Hi everyone, I have made this arr from a piano waltz I made a few weeks ago. I'm a beginner in orchester arr, so any advice or other opinions are welcome!


    I have tried to incorporate some of your good advice.


    Best regards, Jonte

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    Re: A walz for orchester


    This is a diamond in the rough. It has real possibilities but as it is, I would suggest a few adjustments:
    The overall effect is a little heavy handed, unless you're thinking of naming it "Waltz Macabre." Waltzes are usually a little brighter but that is a personal matter.
    If this is truly your first attempt at orchestration, it shows a real instrumental sense but look up "pointilism" and you might want to rethink some of your scoring.

    BTW: Is your title, "A walz for orchester," for real?


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    Re: A walz for orchester

    Very nice piece! I loved the variety in instrumentation that you used.

    If I may offer one small suggestion: The off-beat chords in the strings sound somewhat muddy, and drag a little. One solution might be to increase the tempo of the whole piece - try 120 beats per minute instead. Another idea: Make the strings have shorter bows to give it more bounce. You might also try varying the rhythm a little through the piece e.g. put some 8th notes (quavers) in the chord patterns.

    Apart from that, I enjoyed this very much. Well done!


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    Re: A walz for orchester


    Good first effort. How did you produce this? With notation software? Some of the entrances are a little abrupt and over powering at times. This detracts from the overlying theme instead of enhancing it. With practice it will get better as you gain the experience end feel for that works best in your music.



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    Re: A walz for orchester

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I will try some of them. It's made in Sibelius and the working titel is just Valse.


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    Thumbs up Re: A walz for orchester

    Very nice arrangement, Jonte!

    I agree with the Steve's comment, a diamond in the rough, it's very good and with a little lighter touch will be great.

    Maybe it would be better to leave the title Vals för Orkester, because in English it's spelled Orchestra. ...but Vals för Orkester looks way cooler.


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    Re: A walz for orchester

    Hi, Jonte

    And a big warm welcome to The Listening Room.

    I really like your somber waltz. Your innate musicality comes through the somewhat flawed recording.

    You've already gotten some good tips on this thread. I'll add that it's especially difficult to get natural results with notation programs. I say that from observation, not practice, since I used Sonar - a sequencing program so I can play my music rather than insert notes.

    It just seems to take longer for newcomers to get good smooth results using a notation program, but if you take a listen around here, you'll hear for yourself that many experienced people can get amazing results using a program like Sibelius.

    Besides the difficulties making full use of Garritan cc1 volume control, and other notation related issues where so much data has to be inserted, I think your orchestration itself does tend to lurch rather than dance - as the others have indicated. I concur with Gary Bric's observation that the sudden big dramatic moments are too abrupt with too sudden a volume change - I reached for my volume knob several times to compensate - Those sorts of things can be done more subtly.

    But I am very impressed with your first effort, and I am glad you gave us all the opportunity to hear it.

    Have fun keeping at it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: A walz for orchester

    A good first effort. The melody is nice, and the orchestration is promising. Try passing the theme around a little more. For example, you might let the strings carry it for a little while, then pass it off to the oboe. In other words, more textural variety would help.

    This piece has a lot of promise. Keep up the good work.

    --gary shannon
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: A walz for orchester

    I agree with some of the others here – unless you are looking for a sad waltz (Valse Triste?) this is a bit heavy and very slow. As it is, it sounds like a scene from a movie where a person remembers the last dance with their newly departed spouse.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: A walz for orchester

    Now with new version.

    Thanks to your advice, I think it has gotten better!


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