Hi folks. I have been involved with live playing with my band for some time now and have not had time to develop the soft synth work I thought I would be doing (long story).

At any rate, when I first had my system built, I bought a MOTU Micro Express midi interface. I have never taken it out of the box and decided I should not let it just collect dust on a shelf in my closet.

So I decided to sell it. Originally I paid $275 for it but I am willing to let it go to the first person that offers me $175 (plus the cost of shipping it). I guess I will ship it pretty much anywhere, although I have absolutely no experience shipping anything outside of the USA.

I have a PayPal account which is how I would prefer to be paid. I could take a money order or cashiers check but I will not ship the item until I have confirmed the funds are in my account and cleared.

It's a great little unit (half rack space).

You can email me at robertgoldberg@comcast.net if you're interested. Goes to the first person willing to pay me.

Thanks ............. Rob