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Topic: Reverb Combinators missing within Refill

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    Reverb Combinators missing within Refill w/Reason 4

    I've tried using the "create combinator" command as well as just looking for a patch within the RV7000 patch window and the folder appears to be completely empty. Interestingly, the combinator files appear correctly when I use Reason 3 on my laptop. I also tried to export the combinator patches from Reason 3 but the resulting .cmb files were not recognized at all by Reason 4.

    I've sent a similar email to the folks at Props.
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    Re: Reverb Combinators missing within Refill

    If found the problem! Reason 4 File Explorer now allows you to browse for Instrument or Effect patches. You must use the "effect" browser. Ahh, new "features".

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