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Topic: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

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    A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Alright, here's another percussion ensemble. This is different from anything I've posted for 2 reasons, 1. I tried experimenting with a new style, and b. this is the first song I've written for Finale 2008, thusly the first song I intended for GPO. The only non-GPO instrument is the Vibraphone.

    So, this one is called Dreamscapes, I wanted to think of something else to represent the frequent changes in sections, but that was the only thing that came to mind that fit the mysterious (at least I hope you think it sounds that way) sections of this piece.

    Yes, I know I've only posted percussion stuffs...I hope to do something more along the lines of orchestra soon, but I felt I needed to finish a song on F-2008 before I exploded, so this is it.

    lo-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=5855601&q=lo
    hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=5855601&q=hi

    or visit my soundclick page at www.soundclick.com/michaelobermeyer

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    This is cool man. It has nice rhythms to it and nice changes of pace as well.
    I look forward to hearing an orchestrated piece from you.

    Well done

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Hi, sanyarem

    You crack me up - REeeeally inspiring (not) to click on something that the creator is calling "lame" in some way. Chuckles. I understand you don't like the title, but self effacement in a subject line won't necessarily attract the most listeners.

    BOOM!--This thing cooks. You do great work with percussion. Realy short but Sweeeet.

    Why didn't you use the GPO Vibraphone? It's a great instrument.

    Some of the sudden volume swoops are sounding unnatural, volume slider over-kill I think. But the recording is otherwise doing justice to your work.


    Hey - You could add this to the Halloween music contest going on in General Discussion!

    Randy B.

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Hi Michael, I enjoyed your “Dreamscapes”. Each rapidly changing section seems to grow out of the previous one. I’m not sure of a better title than what you gave it, but it reminds me of an after hours romp through a haunted fun house.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    That's great! Wonderful rhythmic interplay.

    I agree that Dreamscapes doesn't quite seem to fit. Dreams yes, but not the nice misty variety! More like music for people that have a phobia of clowns.

    Wish I could help you with a name, but I'm not good of thinking of titles (says he the author of Smoochflutes!)

    I loved that sound. Would love to hear it played live.

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Wow--some cool sounding stuff. You handle the percussion ensemble well--I think some of the more novel effects are easily overdone but you are great at not overdoing those.

    Love the passage starting around :45 -- very 'scary circus' sound

    You seem to enjoy (and are very good at) writing for marimba--how about throwing the flute in there one of these times?

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Nice percussion ensemble work. I need to learn how to do that better Hardly lame at all.



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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Thanks guys for your comments!

    I realize this was short, but I didn't want it to be repetitive, which I was very well on the verge of doing.

    Rbowser: as far as GPO vibraphone, I would have loved to use it...but I don't think finale 08 comes with a full version of GPO, so I am GPO vibraphoneless...

    englishgent: perhaps... Dream of the Clown-o-phobe?

    lesotho72: flute? hmm....perhaps. I'm working on an orchestral piece right now...I've gotten really far into it...about 6 measures! I plan on having a part with prominent marimba in it somewhere...perhaps I could use it as an accompaniment to a flute solo...thanks for the suggestion!

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    REALLY COOL! Yeah, maybe it wasn't long... but for real, I did envision a "Dreamscape" setting. I don't know call me crazy, but it sounded a little Danny Elfman-on-mallets to me at times. I think it's neato man. Interesting indeed.!

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    Re: A Lamely Titled Percussion Ensemble

    Yeah! Hot percussion work in this, Michael... and a
    well built piece that gets in there, grabs your attention,
    and says what it has to say without digression.

    Nice job!

    My best,


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