Hello. I'm in desperate need of someone with knowledge of windows error codes. I was re-installing Stylus RMX disc #1. When almost at the end, during the fx install, I received the prompt saying, "MoveFile Failed Code 1816. Not enough quota available to execute command". I looked up windows and found 1816 to be a quota error code. I have quotas disabled on the external drive where I'm installing. There are 102.5GB left of 149GB available. The page file is 4096 for all drives, with 3GB of RAM (Removed the 4th strip). The wonderful support staff at Spectrasonics even sent new discs just to make sure there wasn't a disc error. When's the last time someone got THAT kind of support? With my limited knowledge of computers I understand that a number of failed installs using the windows installer could perhaps do wierd things in the registry like leave in dlls and such. If anyone is familiar with either this type problem or windows in general, enough to help, please do. I'm kinda stuck here with absolutely no idea where to go next.