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Topic: True strike

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    True strike

    ok, let me rephrase my question :
    i was thinking about bying the true strike libs, but i could not find any info on wheter the libs were recorded "in position" or if its all recorded center and you have to place them yourself.

    The point of me getting some new percussion is to get a faster workflow, so im in perticular looking for something thats ready to go out of the box, as it were. And it seems true strike is up for the job?

    Alternativly sonivox, i DONT like the vienna percussion, as its difficult to reproduce a convincing hall with impulses and panning, and its too time consuming to always have to mix and compose at the same time IMO.

    It sound amazing, but i tried it out a while back, and everything seemed to be placed very center, so it left me wondering wheter it was prepanned or not.
    yeah yeah, i know , im a lazy XXXX, but its all about writing music as efficiently as possible, not being a sonic scientist.

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    Re: True strike

    I use the stage mikes, pan them and add more reverb. Works splendidly.

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    Re: True strike

    so you need to pan and add reverb?
    Then i might as well get a dry library.?

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