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Topic: Photo Caption Needed

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    Photo Caption Needed

    Samantha Penigar


    Dream it! Then Do it! Good things come to those who work while they wait. [COLOR=purple]Persistence[/COLO

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    When I look to this picture I see a young man dreaming, thinking about to produce samplelibraries... .

    So my suggestion for the photo caption is: "Live Yours Dreams"

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Over the years Paul continued to grow, so eventually Mr. and Mrs. Bunyan had to finally make the sad decision to kick him out of their home. This unfortunately led to life of crime for young Paul, but fate interverned and he is aprehended by the police, caught red handed stealing the San Francisco Bridge.

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    Talking Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Gary, you should get that thing lanced!

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Where's the fedora?
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Paul immediately regretted calling the harpist a glorified harpsichord as soon as she used her instrument to pin him to the wall by the neck.

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha Penigar
    Gary was always a problem for his family. This picture shows him as he dismantled their Steinway piano just to see how it worked. Unfortunately, Gary forgot how to reassemble it.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha Penigar
    Pondering those seven pedals, basic tuning in C-flat, portage fees, and all those tuning pegs, Gary muses, "I wonder how I could chuck all this and just use Kontakt Player?"
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    "It's MY harp. Get your own."

    Thankfully, since then, Gary has learned to share generously.

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    Re: Photo Caption Needed

    Gary soon realized that his parents didn't really "get" him and weren't really listening when he talked about his love for music and Little Walter.

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