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Topic: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

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    "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    Due to the introduction of the Concert and Marching Band library, I have decided to re-post the recording of "Rush" for Winter Percussion ensemble for critique. With the expansion of the Garritan community population, and with the inclusion of a new genre audience, I believe it a great opportunity to offer this piece another chance at review from the newere members of the community.

    Thank you all who posted comments before on this piece. I would like to let you all know that your comments helped me receive the top honor for my senior project at my high school for all of your kind, constructive criticisms. Thank you so much.

    The piece entitled, "Rush" was an experiment of mine that involved writing for a percussion ensemble with a battery. While, I have never played percussion in my life, (I am a saxophone major), I have always loved the power of percussion. "Rush" details in a highly energetic piece of music, the journey of one's mind in a day. It ends just as it begins, with a solo snare drummer, much like the idea of waking up and going to sleep.

    While I realize that this piece surely does not encompass the length and sophistication of full-fledged marching percussion ensemble literature... it is definitely a work in progress. This is where I ask for your help and ideas. What can I do to make this piece better? Any comments are appreciated.

    Thank You,

    Nieves Villasenor

    DOWNLOAD: Rush.mp3

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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    Congratulations on receiving the top honor for your senior project at high school! Well desrved.

    I can't think of any suggestions on improving this, in my opinion it is outstanding. I hope you get the opportunity to see it performed, i would certainly enjoy seeing it performed live. Excellent percussion, thanks for posting.


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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    This is really excellent! The part you have probably shouldn't be changed, but if you were interested in making it into a more appropriate length, I would recommend more movements. Though, with the story behind this one, I don't know how you would expand it into multiple movements as it is...

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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    I didn't get the chance to hear it the first time you posted this... Quite a refreshing sound.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this and I think it is really well written and there's no need for any change.
    Well done!


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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    Simply outstanding. The rhythmic variations and the tonal implications work very well together. You said that, "it does not encompass the length and sophistication of a full-fledged marching percussion ensemble literature." Perhaps so, but it certainly would make an excellent contest piece.

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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    Hi, Nieves

    Great to have you back here with more for us to hear. I just refreshed my memory, via your profile button, and saw how you were here in March, and I left Quite a long piece of feedback about some technical issues in your recordings, like an over-abundance of reverb. AH yes, I remember very well now.

    Well!--Your new "Rush" recording certainly doesn't have the technical problems from earlier this year. And the piece really benefits from the percussion in CMB - Nice!

    Whether or not all these passages could actually be played, I guess I'm not positive, since like you, I'm not a percussionist. The ending measures - isn't that a CMB rim shot sound? That's an example of a part I don't know how would be played live--?

    It's an exciting piece of writing and recording though, and I admire your sophisticated sense of musicality that shines through. Glowing!

    AND congrats on the award!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    An impressive piece. Very exciting! I sure wished I woke up in the mornings like that!

    Glad I got to hear it this time round.

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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    What a great work, Nieves!

    I like this percussion arrangement very much!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    A very exciting piece. I could see the marching band in my mind's eye.

    --gary shannon
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: "Rush" for Winter Percussion

    Excellent piece! Fun to listen to, and an excellent use of the library.

    Look forward to hearing more of your work.

    David Lovrien
    Dallas Wind Symphony

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