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Topic: GS4 128GB RAM Support

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    GS4 128GB RAM Support

    I was wondering,

    Why do they say silly ~~~~ like that. What Motherboard using the new x38's, or x48's, can even install more than 16GB of DDRII, or DDRIII.

    Maybe a Supermicro Octo-Xeon with 32GB maybe?


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    Re: GS4 128GB RAM Support

    A month ago I wondered what I'd been missing on TV, so I plugged it in. At 2:00 AM there was this show where an audience watched product demonstrations, including a computer with 128 G of RAM. They said that the computer was not sold in stores, and supplies were limited, so I bought one.

    Too bad you were asleep.

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    Cool Re: GS4 128GB RAM Support

    Good to see you will be developing something for us again.

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    Re: GS4 128GB RAM Support

    Wow, a developers dream !! And a live performers nightmare.

    I will use GS4 and experiment w/ the 64bit drivers when doing work which tolerates multiple takes,and failures. My 32bit GVI / Scope DAW can load 24 large libraries now w/o a hiccup. I only use the E6700 at stock speeds on an Intel DP965LT.

    Maybe developers are convinced they need this, rightly so. They wish to keep selling giant Terabyte sized instruments. I will use GS4 in 32bit XP mode and watch the show mature. when Microsoft calls me on my phone, I usually say, hello, what do you want. Not hello, yes sir, right away sir, I'm on it Billy boy.............. Baloney.

    32bit apps still have legs left, and never crash w/ my current DAW's.

    My DAWg's hunt just fine w/ XP. Remember MS95, to MS98 ? That was also a big 10-4.

    Some of us have gone through this several times since 1998 when Giga Scope DAW's first came out. Developers and marketers will screw us everytime. Just going from K1 to K2, or GS2.54 to GS3 Orch., were nightmares in themselves. Now 64 bit can do this and that, blah, blah, blah.

    Maybe when DSP recording applications demand it, I will take notice. This whole " VST is the only way " game has never convinced me of anything other than poor customer support, and watching guys staring at their DAW's during a gig when they should be playing. I can't even get Steinberg to reply to an email where I was of course courteous, and I am suppose to take their word on " stability w/ 64 bit apps. ?!!! " Ya'll can have fun w/ it. When they get it right, I might consider it's real world necessity.

    Bah HummBugg.

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    Re: GS4 128GB RAM Support

    Waiting until a new app or version is mature and stable before using it in mission critical situations like live use is just common sense. 64bit Giga is no different from anything else in that respect.

    I'm excited about it for loading large orchestral templates in the studio, but I also use Giga live and I think it will be less important for that, simply because the number of sounds you can play is limited by what your fingers can do in one pass.

    And I'm TOTALLY conservative about my rig. Hell, I only updated it from GS2.5 to GS3 about 6 months ago.

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    Re: GS4 128GB RAM Support

    Great Insights,

    I appreciate fellow performers comments in this regard.

    Our demands are actually much higher, as we should be able to load and play once, no downtime allowed. I have to cover so many styles and instruments, that twiddling around with my DAW at a gig is just so bush league.

    I have a production show, automated with hardware sequencers and 2 x Alesis 24/96 multitrackers. It still runs 2.54 on 3.4EE Northwood. 38 months of steady pay w/o a single crash, and have gone through 6 audio playback engineers. It will be upgraded to GS3, while I upgrade GS3 to GS4.

    It automates lights, sound, hardware FX, all while running on 3 x ancient Scope DP cards, which has a custom mixer designed for FOH / Monitor capabilities. 5 x UE Pro 10's, and 5 x wireless Sennheisers mostly used for talkback cues anymore ( pre recorded vocals ).

    I have used hardware sequencers in productions since 1984, and if I am considered old school, fine. My school makes money and operates flawlessley w/ old technology. Why fly an Osprey at 10 times the price, when your Blackhawk runs fine?

    Here's a guy who has come on the scene here in Las Vegas in the last decade, and has a wealth of knowledge using Giga based applications live 24/7, w/o incident. It helps to have 32 channel audio router for A/B redundancy. I doubt he will be buying a 128GB RAM Motherboard anytime soon.


    Good Common Sense Tips.

    GS4 will be showing some great enhancements for sure. But I will continue to use my custom performances, and instruments that have worked well for quite a while now. The new upgrade should be smooth, but I am still happy w/ GVI and GS3.

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