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Topic: First Call Horns

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    First Call Horns

    I'm thinking of dropping $300 on First Call Horns for my swing and rock stuff. The demos on the site sound astounding, but that's their demos. Anyone ever use them? Better yet, can anyone post a sample of their work with them?


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    Re: First Call Horns

    First Call Horns is not bad, I have it but personally prefer the Chris Hein Horns and the Garritan Jazz Big Band over it. First Call Horns was an older loop library that is just repackaged as a Kontakt instrument, the other two go much deeper and sound a bit less 'dated' in my opion-

    my 2 cents

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    Re: First Call Horns

    I agree with ETM dude. They do have a series of prerecorded licks for each instrument, which can be pieced together to make something resembling a solo line if you have a ton of time, but otherwise the sounds are weaker than the Chris Hein, and the many artiulations in Chris Hein means you spend a lot less time "writing towards the samples". The one thing First Call DOES have is muted instruments, which Chris Hein does not. I own both and rely on the CH primarily. If you are doing more pop than jazz, CH should be the better choice.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    This characterization of First Call Horns is not correct.

    First Call Horns was not ever a loop library, nor does it even contain loops. It was not a repackaged version of anything.

    First Call Horns does contain a small folder of riffs (i.e. pre-played phrases by solo instruments). However, the vast majority of the collection is multisamples: note-for-note samples of real horn instruments, sampled in numerous articulations (significantly more than JABB), and intelligently mapped out in Kontakt.

    Whether a user prefers the sound of other libraries, that's a subjective opinion. However, it's not accurate to characterize First Call Horns either as a loop library or an old title rereleased; it is neither.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    I'm confused - ECM Dude says he owns FCH and that it's loop based. Then writing towards the samples would be a necessity. David seems equally convinced that FCH is rather a standard sampled instruments, rather than loops. I guess I'll have to e-mail the company and get the skinny.

    I'll check out Chris Hein at the same time.

    Thanks, ECM Dude, if you can post some short samples of FCH vs. CH in your work that would be super.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    I think some people use riff and loop interchangeably.
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    Re: First Call Horns

    No need to call. I also have FCH.

    It is not loop based. There are some horn solo lines (riffs) included, but the make up a very small perctage of the lib. The lib consists of "multisampled" brass and reed instruments.

    I followed all the threads about the different horn libs prior to my purchase (from audiomidi.com). I am convinced that you won't be happy until you have ALL of the horn libraries. Trust me, each one is different and will provide you with elements that you wished you had if you purchase the other. Kinda like "the grass is always greener..."

    Personally I like FCH and I'm still hoping to get CHH, too. So having said that... I hope you like FCH!

    Here's some of my tune that use FCH:





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    Re: First Call Horns

    Moja - nice stuff. I'll be listening more often. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    Sorry didn't mean to confuse, its not just loops, i meant riff/phrases, which is pretty much the only thing from that library that I find myself using. There are multisampled notes for each horn in there as well, I just much prefer the ones from Chris Hein and Garritan. As Moja pointed out all three have pros/cons, I personally just think the other two would be a better place to start... again as I said in my first post its just my opinion.

    - I apologize if i erred on it being a repackaged version, i could have sworn it was an older giga title before it was a VI.

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