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Topic: RealStrat Demo version is out!

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    RealStrat Demo version is out!

    30-day time limited RealStrat virtual instrument Demo (PC/Mac) is now available:

    10-day limited demo version of IK Multimedia Amplitube2Duo amp simulator included

    Read more about RealStrat:

    Demo video/audio samples:

    Sergey Egorov,

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    Smile Re: RealStrat Demo version is out!

    Sergey - is there any hope Music Lab's product will appear on Macs? I've recently switched from PC/Sonar to Mac/Logic and really miss Slicey and Fillin....even beta-ware would be good!

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    Re: RealStrat Demo version is out!

    Real Strat and Real Guitar ARE MAC compatible!

    I have both and as far as I'm concerned, the demo is a waste of time...just buy it!! Both ROCK! I no longer have to hire guitar players for demos. Easy to use and soudn great.


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    Re: RealStrat Demo version is out!


    Unfortunately no plans for Drum Tools Mac version at the moment (but who knows?)


    Thanks for kind words about RealGuitar/Strat.
    Yes that's the only PC/Mac plugins we currently have


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    Lightbulb Re: RealStrat Demo version is out!

    Thanks for the update on slicey & fillin. They really are great products and fill a empty niche out there.

    I was listening to some old tracks that were built with a human, session drummer, fillin & slicey (and some wonderful Korg drum voices) and was really impressed.

    I say we setup a PayPal charity and accept donations to port Drumtools Performance Designer to Mac...

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