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Topic: Help with latency..

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    Help with latency..


    Please be patient for i am new to all this. I am at the moment in the process of creating a home music studio and have come across something called latency, When i hit notes on the piano, it is received mille seconds later which is a problem when recording, but if i use the piano headphones i get it in perfect time. I dont have a sequencer as yet but have found this problem to be in the notation programme Sibelius, so im assuming it would be the same if i had a sequencer. I've been told its due to my sound-card and that i would need a better sound-card or additional hardware such as an audio interface. How do i avoid this and which audio interface would be best to purchase?? I also believe with the installation of the sequencer and all the additional VST plugins i will need, i may need a faster computer or more memory, Is this correct?? My instrument is a (yamaha digital piano P120) for the midi device, and my computer is (windows XP home edition SP2) intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.40Ghz, 3.41Ghz, 1.00Gb of ram, any tips..


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    Re: Help with latency..

    Im not a Sibelius user, but a fast google search says that you can install "ASIO4ALL", check ASIO in the preferences of Sibelius, and that way get a better performance with the computer you actually have (that is a good one!). Maybe you can ask for details in the Sibelius forums or Help Center.
    BTW, you dont say wich one is your soundcard.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Exclamation Re: Help with latency..

    Greetings musicmad and welcome to the forum.

    In order to truly solve your problem we need to know what soundcard you are using. Marce is right, ASIO4all is a great solution if you are using a Soundblaster or other consumer (not pro audio oriented) card. However, if you have purchased a card from the likes of Echo, RME, Mackie, MOTU, etc then it is a different story.

    Also take a look at http://www.musicxp.net . It is full of good advice for tweaking and optimizing XP for audio oriented computers.

    Best of luck!

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