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Topic: Guitar fx plugin

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    Question Guitar fx plugin

    About to update to GS4 when it's available.
    Here is what I want to do .....
    Plug the guitar into the instrument input on RME FF800, send to a plugin for guitar fx open in the DSP section of GS4, and then output result to PA. I want to have the guitar plugin respond to MIDI PGM, with the change embedded in the sequence.
    Can anyone make suggestions on the best plugin to use, and any other comment on the proposed method please..
    Bryan H

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    Wink Re: Guitar fx plugin

    Buy a Scope card from ....... http://www.creamware.com/.

    Also search the threads here,........ http://www.planetz.com/Pulsar.shtml................as many Guitarists use these plugs and FX. The Modular Synth app that is included is phenominal. Why buy one plug in, when you can have dozens, that are sonically superior to any VSTi instrument. 700 USD gets you all of these, plus a zero latency live application that routes external hardware into it's projects as well. VST apps were meant for the multiple take, play at home guys.

    I use many of the Guitar FX on my Scarbee Rhodes to emulate the Josef Zawinul style of playing. i.e. Rhodes w/ Wah-Wah, interchangable filters on the fly, Phaser, w/ all rates and speeds controllable via MIDI CC's, and custom modules that can add buffers to your expression pedals while controlling and re-directing 8 different MIDI CC's simultaneously.

    Sounds complex. It is.

    But this is a live players MIDI dream.

    That's how they do it on the big jobs.

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