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Topic: Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

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    Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

    Sooner or later, someone's going to post this, so I might as well...

    "Amazing music video featuring dozens of instruments played by one person. More than a year in the making,..."

    I thought it was lots of fun and I'm not into pop/rock. It's 12 minutes long, but clever, cute, and entertaining enough that it held my attention throughout.

    Take a break from that serious adagio you're working on and give it a look/listen. It'll put you in a good mood.

    "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have, but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

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    Re: Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

    Thanks! very funny video!!

    If you dont like pop-rock, just see the other video called "a cello rondo" Here. There is an interesting contest about this video you can read there too.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Thumbs up Re: Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

    Very cool! That's the same guy, Ethan Winer, that does one of those with many cello parts, posted here a while back. The cellos video already made him famous, from now on no last name needed, he's "Ethan."

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    Re: Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

    Ethan is also very well known in audio circles and in programming circles for his articles in PC Magazine in the 80s. A very talented and creative guy.


    Last spring I decided to learn to play the cello at age 57. I stumbled on his article on learning to play the cello as an adult. I contacted him and it turns out that he lives about a mile from me. He recommended an excellent cello teacher with whom I've made very good progress for an old fart!

    Thanks Ethan!

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    Re: Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

    This thread makes me wanting to learn E-Guitar
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Just for fun (one man pop orchestra)

    Lotsa fun! Thanks for posting!
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