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Topic: Ganymeade

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    I composed this over a year ago for Oboe and Piano. This version is for Piano and Clarinet both from JABB. I ordered GPO for Sib5 last week, but it is on backorder and I am not sure when I will get it. Hopefully soon. Otherwise I would have posted the version seen below.

    Here is the mp3


    After I composed this piece I decided to add strings and some more winds.
    Here is the link to that version with the oboe in the lead.


    Any and all comments are welcome.


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    Thumbs up Re: Ganymeade

    Great writing there Ron, it's beautiful! I like both versions and love the piano... and clarinet! I love the strings in #2 also, and this is just a matter of taste, but think the piano coming forward a little bit in the balance would be better, but just slightly. Oboe sound great! Thanks for posting this, enjoyed listening very much!


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    Re: Ganymeade

    Thank you for the kind comments. I took your advice and nudged the piano a little closer. I played with the ambience a little more as well and think it sounds much better now.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Ganymeade

    OK, Ron I'll skip the wordy review and give you a picture of sorts ...

    I felt as if I was sitting on a train looking out the window as it moves franticly over different landscapes. Trying so hard to take in everything I see as it wisps by. Just the thrill of speed puts a child-like grin on my face. Can't wait to ride again!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Ganymeade

    I think I have to go with the clarinet/piano version. For some reason, the melody seems to sit on my ears more gracefully with the timbre of the clarinet - but the "full" version has its merits as well. It helps that this is very nice piece - the contrapuntal writing gives it a nice energy. It reminded me of Gerald Finzi, in his sort-of-Baroque mode. Take that as a compliment, as the writing is highly effective (in both cases).

    Have fun with the GPO/Sib 5. It will take a little getting used to (if you have used Sib 4, or earlier), but it can do amazing things, once you get it all sorted out.

    Enjoyed this a lot.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Ganymeade

    Hi, Ron

    This is my favorite piece I've heard of yours so far. It rolls along so playfully. - Here's an odd thing to say perhaps, but for some reason I thought of episodes in the original Star Trek series when they'd play futuristic and or/alien planet instruments - ! hummmm.

    The Clarinet doesn't seem to have any reverb?--Or maybe it's just super subtle. But you may know how I generally prefer less reverb, so better too dry than too wet, in my book.

    Also seemed that perhaps the Clarinetist wasn't being given room to breathe? -whether or not brief breath-catching pauses should be included in a recording seems to be debatable, but I go with the consensus that as long as we're using realistic sounding instruments, it's best to also included the breathing and phrasing that a real live wood wind player would possibly use. Maybe the breaths were there and I just didn't catch them.

    It's a constellation in miniature, this piece - I really like listening to it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Ganymeade

    Of the two versions, I think I lean toward the second (oboe)
    version, Ron... seems far more impactful, more flowing, more
    energetic and alive.

    Intent is, of course, a matter for the composer; but to my
    ear, more work with tempi, dynamics and phrasing in this
    would bring out a great deal in the piece; and relieve what,
    to me, seemed mechanistic in the face of implied expressive

    Nice work on this! Definitely grows on me after a couple
    of hearings.

    My best,


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    Re: Ganymeade


    I definately like the second one better. There is something a little odd with the clarinet in #1. The second one fits together very nicely and leave me with a better feeling as a whole. And the choice of instruments is excellent. Thanks for sharing it with the forum.



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    Re: Ganymeade


    I’ll have to agree with David and Gary and say that I like the second version, with small orchestra and oboe in the lead, better. Actually, much better. I think the melody sounds much better on the oboe but I also like the fuller sound on that version. Very well done on both.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Ganymeade


    I too prefer the second version. I feel the mix is more refined and that the added instruments further enhance what is a very interesting piece of music.

    Fine work, Sir.


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