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Topic: free hosting sites

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    free hosting sites

    I use boxnet but have a file that is over 10mb and don't want to pay money. Anyone know of a free site that allows mp3s over 10 mb?

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    Re: free hosting sites

    anybody have a suggestion?

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    Red face Re: free hosting sites

    How about googling "Free Web-hosting"??

    I'd be weary of such sites if they exist, though. I can only guess that such sites are loaded with pop-up ads and other unpleasant stuff. There are lots of very low-costing web-hosting companies, many of which also have those annoying pop-up ads. But some sites appear to be less annoying than others in reading their web-hosting offers.

    Now that I think about it, aren't there web-sites providing free or low cost web space for musicians??? Are you looking for such a site??

    Good luck to you. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: free hosting sites

    Have you tried compressing the files? I had to do this for some files that were larger than 10MB, and the loss of audio quality was pretty insignificant - at least for listening online. On the other hand, my .Mac account is pretty cheap ( about $8 a month) and I can have huge files, if I do choose. Maybe better to bite the bullet?
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    Re: free hosting sites

    Try dmusic.com I think the max file size is 12Mb

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    Re: free hosting sites

    Ourmedia.org. Free hosting for life, any size, any file, and file links, just make sure what you're uploading is a product of your work. Ie; Don't upload episodes of Lost or the latest Kanye West CD... I know a lot people make arrangements of other composers on here, that's fine to upload because it's a product of your work (and I think most pieces are in the Public Domain anyway). Plus, it never hurts to credit back to the original. So as long as you had some creative process in creating the product, you can upload it.

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