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Topic: jabb and ableton live - VST multi-outs?

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    jabb and ableton live - VST multi-outs?

    Hi! new here and I just purchased Jabb. I have everything updated and working great but I'm having trouble trying to get the outputs of the VST working with Live6 the way I want.

    I'd like to load 1 instance of Jabb as a VST on a midi track and then route the different instruments to seperate audio tracks for mixing.

    Here's how i think it should work:

    1. insert jabb vst on "midi track 1".
    2. create audio track and select "midi track 1" as the input.
    3. I should then see the multi-outs for the K2 player on that audio track...right?

    Anyone using this with Live that can help me get this working. I'm sure this is a pretty simple thing but I've read through the manuals and scoured the web for info...still stumped! What am I'm missing here?

    Help a dummy out please!

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    Re: jabb and ableton live - VST multi-outs?

    Hi, Brad

    Maybe I'm not reading your post correctly, but it sounds possible that you're trying to directly insert JABB instead of KP2.

    You choose one of the KP2 VSTs (3 different sizes available, with different numbers of outs) and after that's loaded, Then you insert the JABB instance inside KP2.

    Is that what you're actually doing?

    Randy B.

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    Re: jabb and ableton live - VST multi-outs?

    Thanks Randy, Yes I'm loading the KP2 vst in a midi track. What I'm trying to do is load multi instruments from JABB in one instance of KP2 and then route each instrument to a seperate track in Ableton Live. I just haven't figured out a way to do it.

    for example...
    load seperate drum hits (snare, kick, HH etc.) in KP2 and send each one to it's own audio track in Ableton. I WAS able to use the AUX groups in KP2 but that only gives me 4 groups. Can you add more AUX groups in KP2 or is 4 the max?

    I'm just confused on how to get the outputs from KP2 to show up in Ableton.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: jabb and ableton live - VST multi-outs?

    Hello again - AH, I see, you Are getting KP2 loaded, but you're just having a problem with getting separate audio outputs.

    In KP2, after you've a JABB instrument, look in the information window there in the JABB display - it gives you the MIDI channel, and it defaults the audio output to One. But you click on that audio out assignment and you have the option for using the other available outputs. You can re-assign the MIDI channel too, of course, as needed.

    Randy B.

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    Re: jabb and ableton live - VST multi-outs?

    Yeah, we're on the same page Randy. The problem I'm having is with the outputs showing up in the host. Right now I see the 4 AUX groups and the ST2 output. I'm not seeing ST1 for some reason and then I have the unassigned outputs but they're all mono.?.
    I guess my question is what determines how many outputs should I see?

    I'll keep reading through the manuals and hopefully the light bulb will come on sooner than later! I'm a bit slow learning this stuff


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