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Topic: Help with triggering

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    Help with triggering

    Hey guys, what's up?! I have a stylus rmx question...please be patient with me, I'm still learning!
    What I want to do is be able to trigger the groove I put in section 1 by pressing a key on my midi keyboard, while at the same time be able to trigger a groove I put in section 2, 3 and so on... and be able to record the sounds I'm making. So far I can only hear what's in section 1 only.
    I saw the video on midi and trigger modes, but I'm not finding what I need. Am I missing something?

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    Re: Help with triggering

    Awww c'mon guys, the crickets are louder than you's!

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    Re: Help with triggering

    What is your host?

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    Re: Help with triggering

    I'm using Sonar 6 studio edition. I've watched the video for Sonar but the version used is 4. Dragging and dropping is fine, but I'd rather trigger the sounds through my keyboard. Any ideas?

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    Re: Help with triggering

    Just add the grooves you want to play simultaneously into your favorites suite. Select your favorites suite on part 1 and play in groove menu mode. The various grooves you added to your favorites suite will be arrayed across your keyboard.

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    Re: Help with triggering

    probably the problem was that your keyboard only transmits on channel 1. Try using another transmit channel?

    RMX parts 1-8 are fixed assigned to MIDI channel 1-8. If you want to play more than one MIDI channel at a time (i.e live) for Groove Mode, you need a keyboard or software which permits splitting the keyboard into separate zones, with their own transmit channels.

    But actually, Glenno's idea is a simpler solution, I think.



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    Re: Help with triggering

    Hey guys, thanks for the ideas. Although I dodn't find exactly what I was looking for, Glenno's idea at least got my project off the ground!
    The grooves were on different keys, but it only allowed me to record onto 1 track, rather then the 4 I was hoping to get. I'm using the Korg k49 midi usb keyboard. I'm kinda confused as to why stylus has 8 slots, but won't let me record all 8 at one time, triggered independantly.
    Sorry guys, I guess I'm a real newb when it comes to this
    Again, I appreciate any info
    You guys are da bomb!

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