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Topic: expression pedal with Garritan

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    expression pedal with Garritan

    Sorry if this is not in exactly the right forum ... the 'Forum Tools' pop-up on the Midi forum and Sequencer forum does not pop up!!

    Anyway, can someone help me with this probably very obvious question?:

    Using Cubase 4 as sequencer and a keyboard to input, I record a track of a sampled violin (from GPO, and using K2 player). I use an expression pedal to articulate the sound. No problems, everything is recorded right and the playback is right, too. BUT if when I am playing the track back I move the expression pedal again, this alters the sound. Even though automation is off.

    How do I fix it so that the expression pedal is not effected except when in record mode?

    thanks for any suggestions!
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    Re: expression pedal with Garritan

    Hi Henry

    Im using Cubase SX3 but doubt that much has changed so I will offer my thoughts anyway...

    Automation and CC control are two different things (at least in cubase). The pedal you are using will write to cc controller, wheres automation is for things like controlling output volume (of the whole track - not expression) and panning etc..

    When you record a track with automation turned to write mode and use the pedal, do you see automation being altered? If so, then that is weird....

    To get back on track and answer your question, I think the easiest thing to do is to select an unused track (making sure that record enable is not turned on on previously recorded tracks) and then play back.

    Hope that helps....

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    Re: expression pedal with Garritan

    thanks Ben, will try that
    Sibelius, ProTools, Cubase
    on Mac OSX
    + plenty of coffee

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