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Topic: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

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    BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    Ok simple thing.

    I made this Cello Line in Appassionata Strings (Panned Hard Right):


    Then I used several high end Reverbs to this dry line. In the convolution reverbs I used the Sydney Opera House Impulse at 12m. I used Hall algorithms for the rest Reverbs

    Simply CHOOSE which one sounds best for you and why I will reveal what reverbs I used in each version later.

    Also leave comments about the ones you did not prefer. Remember this is a BLIND test so I wont reveal to anyone what reverbs I used in each situation.


    Reverbs I used (not in the correct order):
    Altiverb, Waves IR-1, Arts Acoustic Reverb, IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb, Oxford Reverb, Lexicon Pantheon.

    You can suggest other reverbs for me to include in a future blind test.

    I did my best to finetune the non convolution reverbs but it always has its flaws.
    Pedro Macedo Camacho

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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    Using my earphones the one I like is #4. Not so close as others but more feeling.


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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    I'd guess Nr.7 was the Altiverb.
    Anyway, I recently got some pretty good results from Roomworks which is integrated in Nuendo and therefore was never touched before: No Cost-no value-style...So this reverb is now soon going on television although I have Altiverb and the UA Plate140 which I also like very much. Why is that?
    Well I am no longer so sure that convolution is always the best road to go, it tends to build up certain frequencies that makes a big soup out of the music.
    Has anyone made the same experience? What do you do?
    Sorry for Hijacking the threat...


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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    Interesting little comparison

    My favorite is 7, followed by 5.

    These reverbs succeed IMO best in creating a true hall atmosphere. The other reverbs seem less successful in integrating the relatively dry recorded instruments with a hall. Here the reverb sounds a bit more like glued-upon, giving less of a concert hall ambiance.

    7 and 5 represent IMO best a listening position somewhere in the hall rather then on stage.

    But this is a tricky area: could very well be that with other parameter settings or impulses the picture changes while using the same reverbs...

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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    I liked #6 personally, although I'm not in the greatest listening environment right now.

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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    It's seems the "blind test" idea isn't getting much interest.
    Before this thread drops off into the past, please tell us which is which just for the sake of having an audio comparison to use as a reference.


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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    (Sorry for the delay)

    Ok here goes the solution:

    1 - Dry mix
    2-Arts Acoustic
    4-Waves IR1
    5-Oxford Reverb
    6-IK Classik Studio Reverb Hall
    7-Lexicon Pantheon

    the original thread was here:
    Pedro Macedo Camacho

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    Re: BLIND TEST - Reverbs -Source:VSL Appassionata Strings-Best?

    Hi Pedro,

    thank you for this interesting test, sorry that I somehow skipped this one.

    I am typing this without having looked to the other answers.

    I think 2, 3 and 7 are true stereo reverbs, 4, 5 not, 6 maybe.

    2 is nice but too wet for my taste compared to the others.
    3 puts the celli in the middle here.
    I think I like 7 best, or maybe 2, but would probably put the celli closer and spread the stereo width.

    All your strings belong to me!

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