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Topic: understanding GS3 stacking instrument with VSL

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    understanding GS3 stacking instrument with VSL

    i'm not a gigastudio 3 user, i own kontakt2 and years ago i used the old gigastudio 1 with its editor, so more or less i remember something about giga-concept...

    a composer i recently knew has gigastudio3 and vienna symphonic library (the "old" edition without the vienna player...now he cannot afford buying the update), and he asked me some hints about the using of sampler, midi programming and so on.
    since i have a lot of experience with hard disk recording, sampler, midi orchestration (i have garritan personal orchestra), i can quickly learn new programs, and he is not so expert in computer stuff (but he writes good music for third parties...and wants to learn how to reproduce it at best with the PC!) he asked me to help him in learning giga and VSL in his studio.

    i suppose the main problem to solve with VSL is to learn to use a LOT of different articulations, and being albe to access them very easily.

    i just saw here the possibility about stacking several instruments in GS3... is it the correct way to proceed?
    my main question is: is really "easy" to set-up such a patch? and, most important, will you have to save a separate ".gig" file each time you build some a stacked instrument? or is it simply a matter of selecting (let's say) 10 gig files with several articulations and then you can access them via keyswitches "on the fly" without having to save anything?

    sorry if i was not clear... i'd just like to have some clear ideas to tell him when we will meet again next time...

    most important: is stacking instruments a new version in some recent upgrade (i think he has giga3 "out of the box"...but i suggested him to upgrade) and is it well documented in the manual?

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    Re: understanding GS3 stacking instrument with VSL

    Hey Bosone,

    Yes, I believe that channel stacking was initiated in v.3.1 of GS, so I'd recommend the update, as well as for all the various little fixes that have been implemented since then. Both stability and functionality have taken steps foreward even since 3.1.

    As for the how to of stacking, and it's consequences for your disk space:


    Simply expand the .gig file you wish to stack articulations from in the quicksound window (I'll assume you and/or your friend have functional quicksound skills, at least for now). Hold ctrl and click the name of each articulation you want until they're all selected. Continue to hold ctrl and drag the selected instruments into the midi channel of your choice. I believe the order of these as dropped on the channel are determined by the way you have them sorted in the QS view, and there is no way to re-order them afterward, save for detaching them from the channel and reloading one at a time, in your preferred order. Then assign their keyswitches using the "stack properties" view, accessed from the drop-down arrow at the right of the channel strip's name field (if you've gotten this far, it will say something like, "stacked instrument-1"). Just selct keyswitch as the desired controller, click "learn", and select the lowest and highest keyswitches. GS will do the rest. Make sure these lowest and highest KS's cover just the same # of keys as you have articulations, or your keyswitching will behave strangely.

    Unload any instruments that aren't in use and save the file as a .gsi. this will be a small file that won't use much disk space. It will simply reference the instruments from the existing .gig file.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: understanding GS3 stacking instrument with VSL

    thank you, very much appreciated! :-)
    i hope to try myself as soon as possible... meanwhile i forwarded the message to my friend!

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