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Topic: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

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    This is an organ-choral-prelude by Bach. It's transcribed by Busoni for solo piano. The first time I heard this score was with Horowitz (solo piano). It got straight to my heart, and I cried like a baby. Here I have tried to make a version for GPO from the Busoni transcription for solo piano. Hope you enjoy it!

    "Life is to short to share it with someone else then Bach"


    Regards, Jonte

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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

    A wonderful piece beautifully rendered. Good job!

    --gary shannon
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

    Hello, Jonte

    This really is a magnificent piece of music. I can see why you love it so.

    And your translation of the piano version into this orchestral version sounds very successful to me. Beautiful.

    Thank you!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

    Thank's Gary and Randy!


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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte


    This is a very fine orchestra of Bach's work. You can chosen the instruments well for this.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.



    P.S. I love to transcribe Bach's works as well into various performing media as well. See my latest near the bottom of this page in the room.

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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

    Well done

    I am sure Bach would nod in approvel.


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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

    Thank's for listening Gary and Ron!


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    Re: Bach/Busoni/Jonte

    An old and dear favorite, Jonte, that I have played,
    myself, many, many times; thank you for this lovely
    orchestration of it!

    My best,


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