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Topic: Gigastudio Midi Problem

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    Gigastudio Midi Problem

    Gigastudio running on own PC - connected to Sonar 7 PC via midi interface. When I set a track for Giga all is well except when a note is struck the note plays on both the Gigastudio track and another midi ports track. Any idea what could cause this "bleed"?

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    Re: Gigastudio Midi Problem

    your in some sort of multi track record. Change it to single track record

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    Re: Gigastudio Midi Problem


    If you did not solve this problem already, then do the following:
    The bottom of your screen, between "voices-peak" and "memory%" you have numbers in green 1 to however many ports you have. These numbers are in three possible colors, red, bright green and dull green. If you click on one of the numbers it should turn from the bright green to dull green. Do this to all your numbers, representing all your ports. Now all ports are separated, and when you hit a note on port1, it will play only on port 1.

    Hope it helps..


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