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Topic: Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

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    Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

    ... i have problems using the Kontakt patches of SID with Cubase.

    The Kontakt patches output the whole kit on just 4 tracks (Direct Mics / Overheads / Room / One Tom only) but the HALion version does on 8, I believe.
    Is it possible to output more Tracks on Kontakt version so that I have better control on each drum?
    I finaly figured out how to change output channels for each drum but there won't be enough channels in Kontakt to output every microphone channel.


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    Re: Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

    Where is a kontakt version of SID?

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    Re: Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

    It's on my SID-DVD and downloadable for registered users from the scarbee.com website.

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    Re: Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

    Yeah, I need some help with this, too.

    Also, is there an easy way to mute (or delete) the ambient samples in S.I.D.?

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    Re: Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

    Try this:
    Open Kontakt2 (full output dll.) Assign all 32 outputs to stereo - 16 stereo outs. Then save a default. Open SID. All the outputs should be accessible.

    SID is great but it's a convoluted mess to operate.
    Good luck
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    Re: Scarbee Imperial Drums owners ...

    A while ago I tried to output all drums on Kontakt's mono tracks (because they were recorded in mono) except the Ambient and Room mics of course.
    But I ran out of tracks in Kontakt so I didn't go on with that. Additionally Cubase uses to output to 2 Kontakt mono tracks on left and right side of a stereo track.
    Have you experienced this?


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