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Topic: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

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    Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    I'm about to crossgrade to Cubase from Logic.
    I'm wondering if Cubase Studio will be enough for me?

    I have seen a list of the differences between Studio vs. the full version, and the only thing I'm worried about will be a problem is the 32 VSTi limit in Studio compared to the full version's 64 VSTi. However, as I use Kontakt, I'm thinking that perhaps 32 VSTi spots will do just fine, as I can just create i.e. a single bank for 1st Violins and so on, and then switch between the 1st Violin articulations on the fly, thus using only one VSTi-spot pr. instrument.

    What would you pick if you were in my shoes - Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    The money I save if I choose Studio I will happily spend on the Sonivox Harp, thus completing my Sonivox orchestral library.

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    I've been using the Cubase 'light' version for a few years now (starting from SL and now Studio). Unless you do surround stuff and other full version-only work a lot, I'd definetely suggest starting with Studio. I do believe that you can upgrade anyway for the price difference between the two versions.

    Considering the VSTi stuff - I think you'll find that you run out of CPU before you run out of VSTi places anyway, and like you say: you can use multichannel VSTi like Kontakt so you basically could do an entire song just by using one VSTi slot, receiving input from multiple midi channels and channelling the output to several different audio out channels.

    There is the matter of some Cubase only plug ins and synths, but you could just as well buy a nice compressor and reverb from another company for the price difference and keep some flexibility.

    A final remark: be sure to take your time with the new media bay Cubase has; the ability to create presets for entire channels and to categorise your favourite VSTi sounds into the sequencer is really cool but takes a while to get to grips with.

    Good luck with Cubase! I switched from Logic to Cubase myself when Emagic stopped supporting the pc.

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    At the moment both Cubase versions are sold at a huge discount. I´ve bought the complete version and are very happy with it. When I read the manual I see a lot of limitations that the Studio version has. I cannot say whether you need it or not, but it´s the right time to buy it at a "low" price when you have the LE-Edition allready (comes with a lot of hardware interfaces that you can buy today).

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    If the VSTi limit is really the only feature that worries you then I think I'd go with Studio. Once you've got 16 channels of Kontakt going I think you'd be hard-pushed to find a machine that will actually run another 31 instruments, so the limit imposed by Cubase is probably irrelevant.

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    Well, the VSTi limit is not the only concern I have about picking Studio instead of the full version. However I found this feature comparison chart:


    When I go through the list, here's the differences I notice:

    - VST Instrument Slots: Studio 32 vs. full 64
    - Control Room: Not in Studio
    - Extended Channel EQ: Not in Studio
    - Automation modes: Studio only has touch fader, full version has that + x-over, autolatch, trim, overwrite
    - Surround: Not in Studio
    - MediaBay: Limited in Studio
    - Offline process history: for built-in audio processes only in Studio - full is for that + all plug-ins
    - Studio Connections: Not in Studio
    - External FX: Not in Studio
    - External Instruments: Not in Studio
    - Advanced options in tempo editor: Not in Studio
    - MIDI devices: Not in Studio
    - MMC slave support: Not in Studio
    - Dithering: Studio only has Apogee UV22 - full version has that + UV22HR
    - Support for Steinberg Dolby DIgital + DTS encoders: Not in Studio
    - Full printed operations manual: Not in Studio

    Out of these differences, the stuff that worries me the most is the VSTi limit at 32, and that MediaBay is limited (i.e. search for instruments, as I understand it). I have no external devices except my MIDI keyboard, so a lot of the stuff is irrelevant for me. But there are several of these differences I don't really know how will affect me, for example "Advanced options in tempo editor" - I have no idea what that is!

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    I think it's worth paying the extra for Cubase at crossgrade price. That way you get a complete solution. I'm not sure i would pay full price though? Having a printed manual for me is very important. I hate to read pdf for some reason.

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    ... and the dongle is included as well ...

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    Re: Should I pick Cubase or Cubase Studio?

    I just did a search for "Cubase only" in the PDF-manual for Cubase 4 and checked each place. Most of it has to do with either minor stuff, external devices or surround. However the following things I bet I would find useful:

    - Dividing the track list into two parts (good if a track contains video)
    - Move snap point with Scrub tool: Audio is heard while dragging, making it easier to find the right position
    - Extended search functionality
    - Process Tempo
    - Exporting and importing tracks

    But that's it.

    I just noticed there is a pricing issue to consider also though:

    - Crossgrade from Logic to Cubase Studio: 1.525 dkr.
    - Crossgrade from Logic to Cubase: 3.342 dkr.
    - Upgrade from Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase: 3.513 dkr.

    Thus If I get Cubase Studio and find out six months down the line that I actually would like the full version, I have to pay 3.513 dkr. - which is 1.696 dkr ($298) more than if I'd crossgraded to Cubase instead of to Cubase Studio.

    On the other hand I certainly wouldn't mind saving the 1.817 dkr. ($319) and just crossgrade to Cubase Studio. Then I could afford to buy the Sonivox Harp as well. I can live with having the manual just as PDF if it means I can save this much money.

    Hrmm....speculate, speculate....!

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