Dear NSS Members,

During the final week of the Group Buy, Anthology: Spiritual Wind will be included with a maximum discount of 25% off MSRP = $149.99.

The purchasing link will be made available at that time. Due to the addendum, please note that shipping of ASW may be delayed up to one week.

All participants of the Group Buy still obtain a 25% off coupon that is valid for 30 days upon date received. The coupon cannot be combined in any fashion to generate a larger savings.

We wish to make the following statement: Please note that in the future, any new product will not be included in a group buy for a absolute minimum of 1 year after its release date. This statement does include the following pending releases:

LDi – Lyrical Direct
D/Synth – Shadows of Luminosity
Vocal Tools – Classical Edition
Anthology III

Best always,
Francis Belardino
Bela D

PS: Please post comments on the main Group Buy thread.

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