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Topic: note counting questions

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    note counting questions

    I can't understand how to count the follosing measures. The song is in 4/4 time and all the other measures add up, but these two. The song is "Blowin in the Wind".

    1/8th note; half note (same note as the 1/8th note-stem up- and the flag tip touches the top of the half note- stem down); dotted 1/4 note; 1/4 note; slur; 1/4 note. That adds up to an extra 1/8th note by my calculations.

    The lyrics for this measure are "can-" = 1/8th note + half note; "non"= dotted 1/4 note; "balls" = 1/4 note + slur + 1/4 note.

    Similarly, two measures along, there's a 1/2 note; 1/2 note + 1/4 note (same note; 1/2 note has stem up and 1/4 has stem down-very close together). That adds up two extra 1/4 notes to me.

    The lyrics for this measure are: -fore = 1/2 note; they're = 1/2 note + 1/4 note.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

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    Re: note counting questions

    In the "cannon balls" measure, it adds up to 4/4 ok:

    "can"= 1/8 note, "non"=1 quarter note, "balls"=1/8 note+2 quarter notes = 4 beats

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    Re: note counting questions

    Thanks for your reply, Mike. The measure still adds up to 6 beats for me.

    "can-" = 1/8th note[ 1/2 beat]+ half note[2 beats]

    "non"= dotted 1/4 note[1 1/2 beats]

    "balls" = 1/4 note [1 beat]+ slur + 1/4 note [1 beat].

    1/2 beat + 2 beats + 1 1/2 beats + 1 beat + 1 beat = 6 beats

    I wish I could just show the notes.

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    Re: note counting questions

    Ref: Bob Dylan Anthology

    They are indicating the melody for the two different verses on the same stave.

    The eighth note and dotted quarter with the stem up are the melody for "can-non". The half note with the stem down is the melody for "take" in the other verse. Either way you get two beats, which along with the two quarter notes sung as "ba-alls" or " 'til he", depending on the verse, yields 4 beats.


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