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Topic: Help with soundblaster x fi platinum

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    Help with soundblaster x fi platinum


    In response to my last post about sound-cards and latency, i've researched upon (SOUNDBLASTER X FI PLATINUM from creative) which i think would be good enough for my music projects in terms of low latency and musical performance, but before purchase, i still need advice and opinions. i also understand there are several companies dedicated to low latancy sound-cards for musicians, this is probably, if not "adsacly" what i need, any links? any tips..


    MY SYSTEM: INTEL(R) PENTIUM(R) 4 CPU 3.40Ghz/3.41Ghz 1.00Gb OF RAM.


    working with either cubase or sonar, VST plugins from Eastwest.

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    Re: Help with soundblaster x fi platinum

    Audiophile 2496 or emu0404 are best cards for few money, i believe. They do the basic job pretty well, and without problems:


    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Help with soundblaster x fi platinum

    Hi I have had a creative soundblaster audigy 2 ZS platinum Pro (rediculously long name) which was the top of their previous range for some years now, and after a hiccupy start its been running smoothly for about 2 years now. (I had driver issues). They are good commercial cards and the xtra ins and outs are handy. They are fine for doing home projects etc...the latency is easily low enough for GPO work (if your pc is) But still I would recommend getting something a bit more serious like the audiophile. (from what ive heard emu's arent great). However with the creative card you will get lots of handy software (the player is great, does all sorts) but it will all slow your pc down a bit if you dont stop things from starting up in the background on start up (this only is important if your trying trying to squeeze every last drop of juice from your cpu...) despite the fact that I have a creative card,and am happy with it, I would go for something a bit more "serious" for the same money. you dont need all the bits of software. Ben

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    Re: Help with soundblaster x fi platinum

    You will definitely be needing more ram tho i think. Definitely if you want to load up a fair few GPO instruments and apply FX...


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