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Topic: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

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    The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    I received Sample Logic's The Elements this afternoon. Not bad considering I ordered on Friday. USA to UK in 2 working days. Nice!

    Anyway, I've only been playing with it for an hour or so but early signs are that it's a little bit special.

    I've been really missing Atmosphere on my Intel Mac but I supsect that The Elements is going to fill that gap. I already have Sample Logic's AIR and have used it sporadically but one of my gripes about it is that unlike Atmosphere it doesn't have much in the way of harmomonically uncomplicated evolving ambiences that can be so useful in a mix. Sample Logic seems to have addressed that with The Elements. There are some great patches in that vein here. Admittedly there are still a number of very fully chorded presets in the AIR ilk but there seems to be an equal spattering of one-note wonders, which I find more than inspiring.

    Oh, and some of the programming in the rhythms section is just exquisite! BT eat your heart out!

    Early days yet, but the ambiences and impacts sections are really tickling my fancy.

    I'm not pining for Atmosphere quite so much now...


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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    2 days from the US?!!! thats amazing!

    I really want this and glad you give it the thumbs up.

    It seems that this with Atmosphere would be a killer combination.

    Thank for the heads up on how fast it came.


    And now also at Flickr!



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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Harvey
    BT eat your heart out!


    I'm ordering the bundle tomorrow! After listening to the demos on their web site I can see where both AIR and Elements will fill some gaps for me. I'm REALLY getting into the glitchy ambient down tempo compositions. No more 4 on the floor for me. I don't know if it's my age or my taste has changed...maybe both. Anyway, this is what I've been looking for! YAY!

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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    Mine arrives via fedex tomorrow!

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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    >No more 4 on the floor for me.


    Cheers to that Mark

    PS: get a 403 (forbidden) when clicking on your URL...
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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    Can you shed some light on how much of the library is Atmosphere-type pads? The demos all sound very techno/electronica... I was really disappointed with A.I.R. and I'm hesitant to take the leap on Elements...


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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    It looks interesting but I'm not really captivated by the demos.

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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    Thanks guys,
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    I own the Elements, and am working on several non-techno demos using the library exclusively. Stay tuned! Also, my current demo, which is on the sample logic website, has many non electronic/techno moments as well. The Elements has many amazing trumpet, vocal, and cello samples..


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    Re: The Elements. Fan-bleedin'-tastic!

    I like the lead sound (must be a multi I think) in the second demo, Crossroads, very much!


    Do you have the demos available as a download? My audio PC is not connected to the internet and I would like to hear them on my studio monitors.



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