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Topic: horns - muted and stopped

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    Question horns - muted and stopped

    guys, i asked about this several months ago with just a finale demo, so now with the real finale2008, i would like some clarifying and advice please.
    tom was nice enough to send me something from the gpo tutorial on horns that says -gpo includes muted horns but not stopped horns.
    on my finale2008 with the gpo that comes with it, i have french horn player 1, 2, and 3, plus french horn solo. there is no KS french horn in my gpo.
    do i need something else from garritan to have a muted horn? i tried a test by putting in the 'con sordino' expression in the articulation choices (mp, f, ff, rit, accel, etc) and assigning to a measure of the horn, where some were without the expression and the one bar where i selected 'con sordino'. there was no difference in the sound. what advice might you guys have as to applying a mute to the horns in finale2008?
    and my other question is about the stopped horns. tom has this passage - 'using the fhorn ff overlay but cutting overall volume down to about 2/3 normal'. does that mean to select the 'ff' from the articulation box and then to slide the volume back 2/3 on the studio sound level thing to the left of the staff?
    as you guys well know, i am at 'basic' instruction levels and appreciate ALL instruction, comments, advice.

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    Re: horns - muted and stopped


    You need full GPO to get muted Horns and the Overlays.
    Finale GPO, that came with Finale 2008, does not include that.

    Mats O Hansson

    GPO, JABB, CoMB, Finale2008, Acid Pro 6.0, EWQLSO Pro XP Gold, Kontakt 2 etc.....

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    Re: horns - muted and stopped

    THAT is the answer. thanks mats

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