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Topic: Question About Kontakt Player 2 and Scripts

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    Question About Kontakt Player 2 and Scripts

    I am relatively new to using a computer for music. I am slowly learning things, but there are a few questions to which I have not found answers yet.

    I have Finale 2008, with the customized GPO library and the plug-in version of Kontakt Player 2 that come with Finale. I have seen some web pages with Kontakt scripts (*.nkp files), but the Finale version of KP2 does not seem to support loading such scripts.

    I am considering upgrading to the full GPO library, which if I understand correctly comes with a stand-alone version of Kontakt Player 2, as opposed to the plug-in version that comes with Finale.

    Are Kontakt scripts supported by the stand-alone version of KP2, or do I need to upgrade to the full Kontakt application in order to load/write scripts? Or do I actually have the scripting capability with the plug-in KP2 version in Finale, and I just haven't figured out how to access it?

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    Re: Question About Kontakt Player 2 and Scripts

    There have been some kontakt scripts written for the harp in GPO, so I would have to say, yes these scripts will work with the updated GPO with kontakt 2 player.

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    Re: Question About Kontakt Player 2 and Scripts

    Hi Ernie,

    Unfortunately, you need the full version of Kontakt 2 to load and use custom scripts. Some Kontakt Player 2 libraries, such as Garritan's Stradivarius Violin and Sample Logic's Ambience Impact Rhythms, do make use of scripting, but these scripts have been hard-coded into their instrument definition files.

    That said, GPO is a fantastic investment and its purchase will qualify you for Native Instruments' crossgrade to the full version of Kontakt. (I would assume Kontakt 3.)


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