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Topic: How were VSL performance samples recorded?

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    How were VSL performance samples recorded?

    I was disassembling the tenor trombone in the VSL Demo Cube tonight, just checking out how it works. I heard the .wav files for the legato tool, where it just starts with a tiny piece of one note, then jumps to another note and sustains for a moment.

    I understand to an extent how this works by keyswitching quickly to play an \"up to\" note or \"down to\" note. My question is, when they recorded these intervals, did they play note1 for a long time, then switch to note2.. .and the audio editors clipped off like 99% of note1? OR did the instrumentalist just play note1 as a grace note and it was left sampled that way? I can\'t tell. Judging by the waveform, it doesn\'t look like it had the beginning snipped off..doesn\'t sound like it either. It sounds/looks more like a grace note.

    Just curious! Thanks!

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    Re: How were VSL performance samples recorded?

    I read somewhere that an interval was played and the first note was edited off.

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    Re: How were VSL performance samples recorded?

    its true note to note legato, so first note is edited off. They recorded players playing every note transition through up one octave and down one octave (and note to self note transitions).

    Pretty intense stuff. Expecially considering on some of the instruments that they are recorded at different speeds (strings for instance ahve portamento, and regular legato, and will have glissandos as well)

    same goes for the Runs samples, there are versions WITH and WITHOUT the starting note of the run, allowing you to connect them smoothly.

    Its freaking nutzoid.

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    Re: How were VSL performance samples recorded?

    Combine that with some kind of tempo aware time stretching and you\'ve got a very flexible system.

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    Re: How were VSL performance samples recorded?

    I use some of the stuff in Tima machine in Kontakt [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Its quite nice [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] but you need to load the damn thing into RAM completely.

    anyway, there\'s other stuff on the horizon

    [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] secrets secrets secrets

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