Since GVI came around, and my Scope DAW's just don't crash, the whole idea of a redundant DAW just seemed to be overkill my current uses.

I decide to make some money, so I sold two of the Scope Pro cards instantly for 1000 USD each to guys in Austrailia, and England. Turned my GS3 DAW into a live LSAD DAW which I sold for 2500 USD.

I have used this DAW for 2 1/2 years and made a nice chunk of change. But I didn't think I could get that kind of money. I also figured after another NAMM show, and Gigastudio 4 coming, the time to sell was now.

I will use a one DAW configuration with extra hot swap spare HDD's. and enough hardware to pull off a job even if there is a failure. Options a live performer has. Granted I will have to use hardware synths to finish the evening, if that were the case.

My Scope cards are anxiously awaitng yet another application to be released. I find it amazing that these cards have had little attention paid to them for the last 7 years. 3rd Party Developers have kept the platform alive. But the drivers and basic design has gone unchanged since 2000, and I have a 64 Channel ASIO 2 Driver that might actually get used after the next upgrade of hardware, and GS4.

As long as my Gigastudio / Scope DAW's still work flawlessley, I am happy. Too bad that many guys here know little about these cards, but they were made to be used with Giga back in 1999, when Gigasampler first came out. 8 - 9 years of constant use and programming on off hours and days, and this combination will still be used with GS4.

This rig has outlasted some of my hardware !! Astounding, and impressive. I will truly mourn their demise, if that day ever even comes. Until then I will enjoy the best real time application ever developed.

So It Shall Be Written, So It Shall Be Done.