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Topic: March for Mock Orchestra

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    March for Mock Orchestra

    Here's a March for Mock Orchestra. Serves no purpose whatsoever other than that it allowed me to learn Logic 8 a bit and find out how well some of my soundlibraries go together. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it!


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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    Hello Piet De Ridder,

    this is a nice composition and orchestration (great dynamic) and a fine sound! Well done! I like it!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    WOW! If you made this just to learn how to use Logic 8, then I'm eager to know what you do for pro stuff! What libs do you use exactly? Quite awesome orchestra mock-up!!

    All the best!

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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    Gunther & Khiun,


    Here are the libraries which I used:
    - strings: SonicImplants, StringEssentials, VI Solo Strings and Horizon Chamber Strings.
    - brass: ProjectSAM's, EastWest Gold XP, Westgate Horn and Synful Horn
    - woodwinds: Donnie Christian's, Westgate, Synful, and the Horizon Woodwind Ensembles
    - percussion: TrueStrike 1
    - harp: Horizon Vienna Harp
    - piano: Ivory


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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    that sounds very good, it would be interesting to hear how you approached getting all the sounds to work together so well.
    I perticulary like the spaciousness, and the clarity of the mix.

    And the reverb works very well also, some of the best i have heard in a while.
    feel free to share some details hehe.

    good work indeed!

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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra


    Thanks very much.

    Difficult to unravel the complex chemistry of what makes a mock-up orchestra work or not, of course. In as far as this effort is somewhat succesful, I guess it's been a lucky combination of arrangement, choice of samples, choice of reverb and a couple of fortuitous production decisions. Unfortunately, I don't have any formulas for these things as most of it - apart from the composition and the arrangement - is done more or less on instinct (and very much depending on the work at hand), and sometimes it turns out acceptably - like it does here - but just as often, it turns out a complete mess.

    The reverb I used, which seems to please many people who've heard this piece, is Altiverb, with one of its larger Soundstage IR's. Probably that contributes a lot to the spaciousness of the track.

    Another thing which I think is very important is the fact that I didn't treat these sounds as simulations of a real orchestral timbres but rather as a collection of 'artificial sounds', thus requiring a production approach that has more to do with producing electronic music (which of course it is) rather than 'acoustic orchestral music'.

    And, finally, I don't know if this is interesting, but I didn't use any compression whatsoever on this piece. Just a mild bit of limiting on the Master Output.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    It says "page not found" now.

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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    Yes, it's marched off into the distance. Thanks for the interest though!

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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra

    I am glad I got a pointer to this in another thread. Great composition, and a congenial realisation!
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: March for Mock Orchestra


    Thanks soo much!


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