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Topic: WarpIV Jazz Trombone Library - First Demo

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    WarpIV Jazz Trombone Library - First Demo


    I thought it might be fun to post a first demo of our Trombone Library featuring Andy Martin (http://www.drewbone.com), one of LA's top recording artists. This demo is really preliminary so don't be too critical. We have three more recording sessions scheduled to complete everything we need, but I wanted to work with these samples while we are still recording just in case we need to make any adjustments.

    Here is the link: http://www.warpiv.com/files/30373354.mp3

    The demo was produced in Reason 4.0, so it does not have any fancy programming yet. Still, with the raw samples, I think it came out pretty good. Everything you hear is what was recorded. I did not add any pitch bends or modulation to anything.

    We're also working on the sax, flute, and clarinet libraries recorded with Eric Marienthal. We will probably have some demos of alto, tenor, and baritone sax in another month or two. The flute, clarinet, and soprano sax demos will follow.

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Steinman

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    Cool Re: WarpIV Jazz Trombone Library - First Demo

    I kinda like the sound .

    By the way, do you plan to release it as a Kontakt2 / Kontakt3 library, with all the keyswitches, scripting, round-robin [...] and all of these features packed on to make it a really playable instrument ?

    I hope so .

    Keep up the good work.

    // J u L ! e N //

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    Re: WarpIV Jazz Trombone Library - First Demo

    Hi K-Slash

    We will release all of our upcoming libraries in Reason, EXS24, GIGA, and Kontakt. They will take advantage of each player's capabilities. So, we will certainly have keyswitches, scripting, round-robin, and true legato in Kontakt.

    Our full product when released will be known as the Hollywood Studio Brass and Woodwind Collection. These libraries will cut across jazz, pop, and orchestral genres and feature top recording artists in LA (check out their websites if you get a chance).

    We have eight libraries in the works. Each will be released individually as they are ready. Eventually, the whole package will be released as a collection.

    Trumpet with Wayne Bergeron (www.waynebergeron.com). This library will more than double the screaming lead and solo trumpet articulations that we recorded in the Screaming Trumpet library released last year, plus flugel horn, picolo trumpet, and an assortment of mutes. We'll also put ensemble patches together as well. This library won't be ready for a while and we will offer a substantial discount to people who have bought the Screaming Trumpet sample library (so I don't want to discourage anyone from purchasing the current Screaming Trumpet library).

    Trombone with Andy Martin (www.drewbone.com). This library will have tons of articulations, plus bass trombone, and an assortment of mutes. We'll also put ensemble patches together. We've only completed two of five recording sessions and it is already my "go to" trombone library.

    Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxes: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone) with Eric Marienthal (www.ericmarienthal.com). We've completed all of the recordings and are almost done with the sample editing. Each of these libraries will contain tons of very expressive articulations and dynamics.

    I should have a first demo of the baritone sax done in Reason in a few weeks. I'll post it when it is ready.

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Steinman

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    Re: WarpIV Jazz Trombone Library - First Demo

    Thanks .

    Glad to read that.

    So there are 5 libraries of others instruments in the works. Keep 'em coming ^^.

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