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Topic: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

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    [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

    This is a track from a game I'm working on.

    It's "totally" (almost) new grounds to me:
    DFH superior is new, I actually don't like at all (=hate) mainstream jazz, and yet I came up with the following tune:


    This is the first tune I composed, with my new keyboard connected to my computer.

    Piano is pianoteq v.2, and I have to say that although I have Ivory, I totally prefer pianoteq for live playing and the feeling it gives out!
    Drums are DFH superior
    Bass is Manytone upgright bass, who was sampled by my dear friend gregjazz, and it's an amazing tool which I've used many times already.
    finally the clarinet is from EWQL SO Gold xp pro (). I actually don't mind the sound so much, but for more... contemporary stuff, any clarinet?

    I know JABB, but what else is there?

    Thank you for your time. (the tune is looped, so it stops suddently, just a word of caution)

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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

    Ooooh, I liked this a lot! Also nice to see someone else using OGG instead of inferior file formats which ruin the sound. Next time don't hesitate to shove an .ape/FLAC or Wavpack my way!

    Anyways, I liked your way of intertwining the sustained notes between instruments. Love those shifting, changing clouds of sound. If Takemitsu wrote Jazz, this might sound a little bit like it.

    How you achieved the wonderful transparency and clarity in your mix is completely baffling me. I've been trying to do that for 10 years... Your music inspires me. Keep going!
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

    Much obliged by your kind words.

    OGG: I love it, it's free and much better than mp3. (plus it doesn't add that stupid gap in the beginning and end of the track for no good reason). I like to support free or open source stuff. Not that I did it because I'm dying to support vorbis, just that it was in that format and that's what I use at home and for the games I work on.

    On mixing: Is it that clean??? I don't think I did anything that much. A little bit reverb on all tracks, except the clarinet, and a bit of compression on the drums. Nothing else really... Thank you though.

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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

    Well I have to confess to not knowing a lot about jazz, but I loved this. At first I was taken straight to a smokey lounge somewhere, but then there was a much more sinister / dangerous edge to it which sounded like it was holding back a more violent type of music. You should definitely carry on and see where this goes.

    I'm afraid I know even less about suitable libraries. I've barely begun to try out JABB, let alone found myself outgrowing it.

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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2


    Thanks Dave.

    I have to admit that I also know very little about jazz, but I had a very strong impression about this track, and so I went ahead... With danger of turning it into rubbish.

    right now, I'm using various stuff to make it more interesting, more edgy, and actually more electronic. But being an obsessed fool that I am, I decided to use, ONLY non electronic/synth elements, and guess what: I decided to try your own K2 stuff. The weirly tubes, the prepared piano, and mainly the bowed cymballs! They all sound AWESOME and might post the final track again in a few days, after I find a tiny bit of time to work on it actually...

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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2


    What an curious piece this is! It seems that the time signature cuts the last triplet from the count (6 counts of 6/4, then the last triplet is cut off the last beat.) In many respects it reminds me of a John McLaughlin (Mahavishnu Orchestra) composition.

    It would be nice to hear a few more improvised notes (on piano or clarinet) throughoughout the measures rather than just on the first beat. A solo perhaps? The EW clarinet has a grace note sample and other articulations that might be useful.


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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

    Sorry. I meant that the triplet was cut from the end of each measure of 6/4.

    So iIs this piece in 17/8 time?


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    Re: [OT] jazzy tune? - with pianoteq v. 2

    Hi Marko!

    Thanks! Weird was what I was going for!

    The time signature is normal 4/4, with 3+3+2+3+3+2/16 as the main rhythm though which brings things a bit off. But it is perfectly normal rhythm otherwise...

    I had thoughts about improvising and, but I felt a bit autistic improvising by myself, and I still do feel weird about improvising, since I'm coming from a classical background where improvising takes place when the lose the scores only!

    But I am extending it, and making it rougher (which will make it edmusic2, instead of 1...) and I'm actually adding several semi-electronic elements, as mentioned above

    Cheers for listening.

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