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Topic: Need and FTP Site

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    Need and FTP Site

    What options are there for obtaining an ftp site on a PC. We have our website hosted through Broadjam, but they do not offer ftp services.

    The faster the better.

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    Re: Need and FTP Site

    It's relative to the hosting service.
    Almost all hosting companies use FTP. I guess you found one of the very few that don't.

    So just change your host.

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    Re: Need and FTP Site

    My website is hosted through a photography site that I am a member of and I use File zilla and on the Mac I use cyberduck.

    I can mix and master a track and get it straight on to my site I also do all updates and edits.


    And now also at Flickr!



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    Re: Need and FTP Site

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_Karl
    It's relative to the hosting service.
    Almost all hosting companies use FTP. I guess you found one of the very few that don't.

    So just change your host.
    Unless I misunderstood your problem, this was my thought exactly.

    When you set up a "personal domain" web account with an ISP/webhost, you can usually choose from different accounts that give you different amounts of "storage" on their servers (more storage = more expensive, of course).

    This way, you can host large (and not-so-large) files on their servers, which folks can stream or download from your website as they wish. In the typical case, you simply upload/download files to/from their server with an FTP client, using your private ISP-account password (I have used "CuteFTP" for PC for many years).

    While it is, technically, possible to configure your own machine to function as an Internet node/FTP server, my (admittedly limited) understanding is that it is a fairly complicated process, technically, and that there are lots of security issues that you must be prepared to deal with.

    Chances are, it'll be much easier to (i) double-check to see whether your current ISP/webhost has a more expensive but more configurable account, or (ii) find a new ISP/webhost.


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    Re: Need and FTP Site

    Broadjam appears to be touting the music angle but thay are charging quite a premium for it. Do they completely run your website for you? Anyway your average host is less than $100 a year nowadays. I have had good luck with Hostmonster, but you'll find an overwhelming amount of good, cheap web hosts nowadays.
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    Re: Need and FTP Site

    Do a Google search for "ftp hosting" and you'll find more options than you can imagine. That's what I did and I'm happy.
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