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Topic: New Linux Audio & Music Forums

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    Thumbs up New Linux Audio & Music Forums

    We are pleased to announce that Northern Sounds have added a Linux Audio Forum section.

    Linux has grown in recent years from being a geek or hobbyist operating system to a viable alternative to Windows and Mac

    and more recently in its support of audio and multimedia. Dell, HP and others now offer Linux as a pre-installed

    alternative operating system which will help to boost the popularity of this excellent OS.

    In anticipation of the needs of this community, the Linux Audio forum section will offer a one stop resource for both Linux

    in general and in particular all aspects of audio / midi.

    I invite all forum members to participate in this forum whether you have previous experience of Linux or not.

    We welcome Tony Monaghan and CJ Pro as new moderators for Linux Audio & Music forums.

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    Very cool, i'll check it out.

    I haven't played with any linux distros in a long time. When i get some time, i'll get one of the music ones and play around with it, see how they are coming along.

    I have always liked linux, just had trouble getting some of the music apps working, because navigating the OS with the terminal was about as far as i got and many didn't at the time have user friendly GUI's.

    I had Demudi and a a few others, then i started using a Fedora from CCRMA at Stanford University's Music Dept, administrated by Fernado Lopez, kernel optimized for low latency, which was great, but when i discovered GPO and Finale, i kinda abandoned Linux and went back to Windows, then Mac.

    Here it is if anyone interested, they are still running i see:
    It has the optional Debian style Aptget to retreive the applications, which is much faster than installing RPMs, if you don't mind working from the terminal.

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    Re: New Linux Audio & Music Forums

    I don't do any audio stuff on Linux, but I use it as both a server and a development platform (right now I'm working on some IPv6 stuff using SNORT). I'll be very interested in watching the audio side of things via the forum -- I've been doing PC-based music since the DOS days with Cakewalk, I've never seriously considered trying to switch because of the time and money I have invested in PC software.


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