I have just downloaded the 2007 updates for GPO and it's screwing things up for me big time!
I'm using GPO as a VST plugin in Sonar Home Studio 6XL. The respective volumes of instruments that I had originally set in the Kontakt VST player were totally fine before the update. After the 2007 update was installed, these volumes now suddenly flip to extreme high volumes in the VST Kontakt player -- out of nowhere. For example, I can set the volume of an instrument to -10 in Kontakt player and it will flip to +6 on its own once the music passage for that instrument starts playing! This happens irrespective of whether "Use Std cc7/10 Vol & Pan" is selected or not. Consequently all the balances I had achieved between all loaded instruments (before the update installation) are now ruined, and the volume of certain instruments is now seemingly uncontrollable.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!